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Anonymous about 479-621-2900
13 January 2020
I would not consider this an unknown call but menu above had no real choice for me. Left a voicemail for someone that doesn't live here asking about how the medical appt went and whether or not they were back at work. Stated she was the case manager for his worker's comp claim against Walmart.
Anonymous about 717-778-8995
12 January 2020
Random call looking for someone
Anonymous about 609-745-0279
10 January 2020
I received a text message from 609-745-0279, asking me if i wanted to sell my house. Only it asked by the address. Somehow this "person" obtained my cell phone number and home address.
Anonymous about 347-508-9683
10 January 2020
This person constantly texts claiming to be part of a dating service. Has scammed a family member for thousands of dollars in only a couple months
Anonymous about 270-605-8484
9 January 2020
Harassing messages were sent to me from this number
Gerald Chambers about 877-318-2092
8 January 2020
I receive calls from 1-877-318-2092 several times a day. It sounds like a robo call telling me that there is a problem with my PC. I do not let them on my system as I have been scammed.
Ana about 253-273-5069
8 January 2020
Whoever called, did so twice. First time I didn't answer. Second time, I answered,but the call was not understandable. No message left.
Anonymous about 978-223-2008
8 January 2020
Calls and leaves no message.
Anonymous about 313-585-6766
7 January 2020
Stole money from me stating they were selling merchandise just to get my money. It was a complete scam.
Penny about 304-303-6848
7 January 2020
Hello my name is Penny. I got a text this morning that was claiming to be from my fiance. Which I know that's impossible because he's not in West Virginia.I'm trying to find out who's texting from this number and pretending to be my boyfriend.and what's more scary they have my phone number so please get back to me with whoever the owner of this number is. The number then I'm being text from is 304 303 6848 please contact me back as soon as possible thank you Penny
Richard Dixon about 858-231-5423
7 January 2020
I just want the name!
Anonymous about 443-570-8015
7 January 2020
Keep getting calls from this number and then hung up on
Anonymous about 734-316-9319
7 January 2020
Potential Scammer for classified ads, buys at exact asking price no haggling with OBO prices. Claims to have some one that will pick up items for them. lives in Saline Michigan.
Anonymous about 808-683-7338
6 January 2020
was saying he was from a dr.'s office looking for an attribution report
Anonymous about 512-518-9816
6 January 2020
told me my SS# was suspended
Anonymous about 407-594-2336
6 January 2020
Random caller. I just got a new phone and this number calls me.
Anonymous about 415-453-4702
6 January 2020
received a call from unknown phone number stating they missed a call from my phone number
Anonymous about 808-348-6517
6 January 2020
On my cell phone statement
Anonymous about 813-365-2038
6 January 2020
do not recognize number, but they keep calling and do not leave a message
Anonymous about 253-299-8494
6 January 2020
keep getting calls from this number and won't leave a message. have not found any other negative info on this number but still questionable...
jay bee about 715-575-7198
6 January 2020
this person pretends to know me or you and is playing some kind of head games...I call and it rings and rings
Anonymous about 916-786-1613
5 January 2020
intent of harassment
Anonymous about 917-470-2079
5 January 2020
They Tex me all the time from this number
Anonymous about 250-870-4156
5 January 2020
Yep that's absolutely a scammer
Anonymous about 248-675-0320
5 January 2020
Robo voice calling me every hour yesterday. Could hardly hear or understand most of call.
Anonymous about 866-933-8387
4 January 2020
Robo call that has very little if any information online. Claims to be a veterans phone number. Says to call or go online.
Anonymous about 254-644-1222
4 January 2020
Receiving phone calls and messages
Anonymous about 423-244-3421
4 January 2020
Keeps texting me over and over
Anonymous about 559-334-4658
4 January 2020
unknown caller unknown caller unknown caller
south texas girl about 213-607-3566
4 January 2020
This number called both my landline and cell phone multiple times within an hour the evening of 1/3/20. Shows up as "unavailable"
Anonymous about 315-783-8507
3 January 2020
Suspect prank caller.
Anonymous about 713-401-9728
3 January 2020
Calls all the time from this number
Anonymous about 201-411-9015
3 January 2020
201-411-9015 want to find out who this is. keeps calling.
Anonymous about 859-577-8721
3 January 2020
just want to know who is calling me
Anil joshi about 484-212-6042
3 January 2020
A person name Alexander george is cheating people's by advertising of Apple iphone for $480 dollars and not giving the phone he is a scammer
Anonymous about 804-368-1526
3 January 2020
Fake Marriot company from India
Michael about 978-352-2611
3 January 2020
an old friend from maine
Anonymous about 704-291-5899
2 January 2020
I'm getting odd calls from several unknown numbers with the same strange voice simply saying Hello as soon as the call is answered and then hanging up. It's odd that it's coming from various numbers.
Anonymous about 336-642-4062
2 January 2020
Voicemail stated you qualify for special 0% credit card, press 1 to speak with agent. No other info.
Anonymousnicole about 724-945-6141
2 January 2020
Iwould like the website to your free grocery store and phone #.

Thank you,
Nicole Donelli
Anonymous about 401-500-4005
1 January 2020
Called multiple times
Anonymous about 909-205-6038
1 January 2020
Harassing phone calls
Anonymous about 740-248-5434
31 December 2019
called 3 times don't know why
Anonymous about 518-213-5406
31 December 2019
Automated message stating that my cell phone number was used to call them.... No Way! And that they attempting to contact me back..... A Scam For sure!
1-708-294-8437 about 708-294-8437
31 December 2019
they are calling stating that i was put in a collection due to a credit card that i never had. seems to be a scam
Anonymous about 706-212-8815
31 December 2019
Anonymous about 269-430-3009
30 December 2019
Calls, but leaves no message
Anonymous about 267-403-4611
30 December 2019
Silence on the other end.
Anonymous about 760-954-6082
30 December 2019
I don't know who this is
Henry about 702-480-7932
29 December 2019
Heellow sir!idiooottt you idiioootot
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