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Anonymous about 909-330-1239
1 September 2021
Anonymous about 972-977-5943
31 August 2021
repeated calls from this number
Anonymous about 815-242-5826
31 August 2021
I don't know anything about this number. They just keep calling every 20 minutes for half the day...then stop. They don't leave a message. just hangup. It is annoying and I will not answer this call without more information about who they are.
Anonymous about 866-670-6844
31 August 2021
Student loan services claiming to be working with fed for loan forgiveness. All employees are rude, 2 called me an asshole, 5 total people hung up on me (including both of these) and I was intentionally disconnected 3 more times. When asking for info for clarification I was hung up on. When asking the name of their company I was hung up on. When asking for a supervisor I was hung up on. Finally reached a floor sup, who was one of the 2 that called me an asshole before hanging up on me.
Anonymous about 520-248-4694
30 August 2021
Hi ok well here we are now lol
Bonnie MacGregor about 707-769-4495
30 August 2021
Hi, Hoping for a beer donation for Jazz & Blues By The Bay in Sausalito on Sept. 3. I hae my liquor license and I have filled out your on-line application for a donation.

I would like to speak with the Beer Fairy today, August 30. My phone number is: 415-332-1972.
Anonymous about 973-929-7899
30 August 2021
Unknown repeat caller, possible robocall/scam.
Anonymous about 478-452-1247
30 August 2021
robo call came through, did not answer but has called before
Anonymous about 510-991-5552
28 August 2021
Call back results in a recorded msg:
‘ not a working number’
Anonymous about 610-672-6568
27 August 2021
Caller did not identify themselves. Left no message.
Anonymous about 951-813-2414
27 August 2021
A woman thought I was looking for a home refinance loan. I asked who she was, and she repeated that I need a loan. I said "No, who is this?" and she hung up.
Anonymous about 920-903-3115
26 August 2021
Called me a F***ing C*nt and said "You'll die"
Anonymous about 920-487-2037
26 August 2021
The call was from a company that was attempting to set up a service appointment for a leaking refrigerator. Not a prank or scam call.
Anonymous about 440-276-1097
26 August 2021
mortgage scam, 40+ calls in two weeks, and now text messages
Anonymous about 440-210-6227
25 August 2021
Made an unsolicated phone call as a Medicare Specialist.
Anonymous about 989-879-4714
24 August 2021
Call and said "Up your ass" and hung up.
Anonymous about 401-249-4460
24 August 2021
Someone named "Daniel" texted me on my unpublished cell number, addressed me by name and wanted to know if I am interested in selling my home (had my address too) . Very creepy that he would have my personal info. Blocked his number. Further attempts at contact will be reported to the police and the FTC.
Anonymous about 801-396-5676
23 August 2021
My name is Richard and I want to buy your property 212 E Crossroads Blvd. #132, Saratoga, Ut 84045
Aci about 925-804-3280
23 August 2021
The caller disconnected as soon as I picked up and said "Hello"
Anonymous about 979-639-0181
23 August 2021
Didn't leave a message
Anonymous about 218-780-9885
23 August 2021
Scammer, Scammer, Scammer
Carla about 615-445-2480
23 August 2021
I was sent a PC board but I did not ask for it nor do I know how you got my name. I have had no contact with your company. It came from Asurion in Indiana but I cannot find a contact number for them. What would you like me to do? my email is calico@mac.com
Anonymous about 604-831-3060
22 August 2021
he called me about a car I sold. Want to know who he is.
Anonymous about 917-664-4591
22 August 2021
Says I have 100.00 for survey scrambled link
Anonymous about 626-329-2888
21 August 2021
Anonymous about 337-365-9773
21 August 2021
Anonymous about 501-399-9376
21 August 2021
Claims to have charged on a phone bill but not my service. Trying to get my information. Scam.
Anonymous about 817-262-5346
21 August 2021
Man called me saying he knew my family and he would kill us all unless I send $12,000- he says He is in the Taliban ISIS in Arlington Texas right now- says "I will kill your mother and then fuck her in the ass, then I will fuck you in the ass and kill you too"
He knew names of my family- my parents my parents address, everything. He claimed to be "with the taliban in Arlington"
Pete JensenAnonymous about 208-684-4521
20 August 2021
I need to talk to a bishop, I'm from Texas and need to get to Boise.can you please help me out with a tunk of gas
Anonymous about 512-265-7230
20 August 2021
They refuse to tell who they are and hang up when you ask them not to call you
Anonymous about 979-271-5174
20 August 2021
They have call my business (land line) 8 times in the last two days, and just hang up after I answer.
Stan H about 480-275-5561
20 August 2021
Unsolicited marketing call
Anonymous about 206-920-9247
20 August 2021
left voice mail stating fraudulent Social Security to call them.
Rose Marie Domiano about 819-565-0024
19 August 2021
I live in New Jersey - USA and I received a scam call from this number. The woman told me she was from Windows and my computer is downloading malicious software. The caller ID showed Sherbrooke, QC and the number 819-565-0024. Just wanted you to know that his number is being used for a scam.
Paxton about 831-264-7148
19 August 2021
opens conversation about helping to get $30,000 from the government and then asks for phone number. Uses Instagram to get peoples numbers.
Anonymous about 313-385-3660
19 August 2021
Says it is CBE group for IRS
Anonymous about 925-752-4646
19 August 2021
I want to know this guy
Anonymous about 206-309-1889
19 August 2021
This number is being used to attempt credit card fraud
Anonymous about 203-767-0069
18 August 2021
Unsolicited text with an attachment to be downloaded. I did not download the text.
Anonymous about 512-436-0831
18 August 2021
I have gotten at least 6 calls from this # today and many in the past week. This is not in number in my contacts and the caller never leaves a message on my answering machine.
Anonymous about 270-507-9463
18 August 2021
called and hung up and wont answer back
Anonymous about 916-613-6951
18 August 2021
Nscckgxoy civic o k I. I. L oh. Lucoudou joyful.
Anonymous about 760-417-7762
17 August 2021
Not sure who texted me.
Anonymous about 530-824-6900
17 August 2021
red bluff mt lassen charter office five daughter jones is going out of business now five daughter jones been black mailing &scaming senior people&poor people out of$88888888milliof dollars out of credit card 5305292722
Anonymous about 936-634-3006
17 August 2021
The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy has been renamed to Lufkin Pharmacy & Co.
Anonymous about 901-382-5130
17 August 2021
Do not know who this is or why the called me.
Anonymous about 909-254-8600
17 August 2021
Unknown caller, using reverse lookup
Anonymous about 425-345-3389
17 August 2021
Owner of the phone listed by "BeenVerified" is NOT the owner of the phone.
Anonymous about 513-823-2062
16 August 2021
Anonymous about 703-789-3625
16 August 2021
Called twice about 5 minutes apart. Left no message. I don't know anyone who has this number.
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