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Rachel about 909-529-8582
17 April 2019
looking for relative
Anonymous about 423-827-6983
17 April 2019
Curious about who's calling
Tyleranori about 775-635-5700
17 April 2019

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Anonymous about 240-358-1554
16 April 2019
Cold call telemarketer asked for the "home owner"
Anonymous about 888-810-0612
16 April 2019
They state it is Social Security Administration and that my ssn has been suspended
Patricia J Kosek about 484-932-8070
16 April 2019
My cell phone is 484-932-8070 but when people I call to their landline the caller id shows as "Todd Monroe".
Using for 484-932-8070, I get the following:
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Phone #: 484-932-8070
Type: Landline
Address: Royersford, PA
Anonymous about 863-884-1135
16 April 2019
Creep calls wife phone asking if I was home and hangs up after she ask who's calling. Be nice to know who might be tracking my wife
Anonymous about 402-205-0583
16 April 2019
calls multiple times a day and hangs up
Anonymous about 631-757-8531
16 April 2019
i keep getting calls from this number
Anonymous about 800-215-4017
15 April 2019
Trying to find out who it is. They call a lot never leaving a VM.
Anonymous about 727-324-4957
15 April 2019
claim to represent fundraising for Clearwater Police Dept.
Anonymous about 806-346-8903
15 April 2019
Constantly calls and hangs up
Anonymous about 972-370-5239
15 April 2019
Caller leaves message stating that your SS# will be blocked. They claim to be from the federal government
Anonymous about 757-317-5373
15 April 2019
She told me she was representing companies for billing. We have no bills outstanding. She would not give me any information about the company with out us given her “vital” information about ourselves. If this was legit, they would know not to ask for the type of information they wanted.
Anonymous about 801-577-0888
15 April 2019
I want to to know who called me
Tomtix about 734-878-6075
15 April 2019
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Anonymous about 800-699-6060
15 April 2019
No message left. Not picking up if nobody leaves a message.
Anonymous about 559-520-2257
15 April 2019
Calls every morning around 8am from this and a couple other numbers with a different last digit. No message.
Anonymous about 315-323-4427
15 April 2019
called my land line and did not leave a message.
Caller cannot get through unless they identify who they are and then are asked to leave a message if they do not identify who they are.
Tyleranori about 229-768-2248
14 April 2019

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Anonymous about 405-633-0297
14 April 2019
Need to no who name on this phone number
Anonymous about 651-270-4466
13 April 2019
Asians who have been sending me large group texts asking for money and actually threatening me when I told them to stop texting and calling me.
igiziwatud about 509-204-1526
13 April 2019
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Anonymous about 813-382-9985
13 April 2019
I got a call from this number and when I answered they hung up. I called back, and a girl answered in a rude tone that said "WHAT?"

I told her that I missed a call from her number and I'm returning the call.

She lied and said, "I didn't call you" and she hung up.

It seemed very suspicious.
Bob Brown about 415-368-6856
13 April 2019
Multiple unwanted calls
Anonymous about 740-646-9231
12 April 2019
Return call but the caller said I called them
Anonymous about 404-368-7185
12 April 2019
The owner of this phone is selling drugs to middle and high school students
Anonymous about 812-308-3222
12 April 2019
who is this caller that called me today
Anonymous about 706-564-2517
12 April 2019
This caller calls all the time, mostly in the evenings
erizotiwa about 508-251-1446
12 April 2019
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Anonymous about 775-337-1000
12 April 2019
Called my cell number, and disconnected upon answering.
Anonymous about 916-538-2959
12 April 2019
On my phone bill I never placed the call.
Anonymous about 218-683-3655
12 April 2019
I went to answer my phone after it only rang 1 1/2 rings and as I answered they were hanging up. So I immediately called right back within a second and it said that the Verizon customer that I was calling was no longer in service the number had been temporarily disconnected or changed and I mean like one second after they called I called right back.
Mississauga about 458-206-7326
12 April 2019
texts links that may be recipes.
vegan salad.
I did not click the link
Anonymous about 207-517-6598
12 April 2019
rec'd call from this number. scam
Anonymous about 516-422-7810
12 April 2019
getting info for invoice
Anonymous about 817-966-8045
11 April 2019
unknown cell phone caller
Anonymous about 866-522-7030
11 April 2019
Keep calling will not leave a message hangs up
Anonymous about 585-733-6719
11 April 2019
Got a call from this person one night
Anonymous about 240-273-1431
11 April 2019
beware, also uses 240-273-1459 & 240-273-1489
Anonymous about 410-874-5496
11 April 2019
Uses threatening to take you to court message on voice mail. Seems to be using a dialing service. Many calls a day.
Anonymous about 269-202-4318
11 April 2019
This number called my home twice already, and when I tried to call this number back I got a recording that said, "this number is not in service."
Anonymous about 813-291-3181
11 April 2019
who is this, they keep calling with inappropriate stuff
Anonymous about 949-281-1132
11 April 2019
These people are NOT Microsoft as they claim to be.
Scam and fraud
Anonymous about 662-587-2878
11 April 2019
Don't know was hoping to find out who it is.
Anonymous about 616-773-1142
11 April 2019
The phone number (616) 773-1142 is a landline belonging to Robert Nichols and is located in Muskegon, MI, U.S.

He called my business toll-free number at 2:41am and was silent for over 5 minutes.

Robert Nichols may also go by the names Robert Vern Nichols, Robert Nichols, Robert V Nichols, Bob V Nichols, Rob V Nichols.
Supernaturally.Clever about 903-386-3293
11 April 2019
Does anyone know who this number belongs to? I don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize
Anonymous about 413-217-1323
11 April 2019
This woman meets you on the internet and is a stalker
Anonymous about 432-312-0463
11 April 2019
This number texted me at 12:04 in the morning. All the text said was hey. I have no idea who the caller is and would like someone to stop these type of calls. I tied using a reverse look up service and the service said they did not have this number in their system. It would be great if these callers could be arrested and charged for harassment.
James about 662-445-3790
11 April 2019
Just trying to see who owns number..
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