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denzel contreras about 978-989-5427
22 December 2021
He collect my money
Mary law about 978-989-5427
22 December 2021
He ran away with my money
Anonymous about 620-417-0828
22 December 2021
He took my wallet out of my purse
Anonymous about 208-667-2865
21 December 2021
Not sure why Idaho person is calling and speaking language I do not understand
alc about 520-510-0149
21 December 2021
Dec 20, 2021 2:xx PM missed call from VoIP Casa Grande AZ, or Phoenix, AZ depending on the source, no msg left. Called back various ways and immediately hung up or got Incorrect number.
Anonymous about 603-847-7318
17 December 2021
This number popped up in my email stating I ordered something and I will be charged 299$ for subscription. Don’t have any idea what this is!!!
Anonymous about 513-714-5951
16 December 2021
They called twice pretending to be a law firm representing a health insurance company wanting to ask personal medical questions.
Anonymous about 972-848-2894
16 December 2021
say they are from the court & give a case #
Brett Gordon about 603-688-9640
14 December 2021
I get called from this landline 2-3 times a day and they never leave a message. I tried getting information on this #, but it is unpublished. I suspect a fraudster or a scammer...
Anonymous about 505-222-9670
14 December 2021
Unsolicited sales call.
Anonymous about 479-438-4402
13 December 2021
Prank called my five time
Anonymous about 940-867-4540
12 December 2021
Got a call from the number
Robert S about 419-694-8628
11 December 2021
the number might be used by spoofing. got a call no msg left. do not know Jerry.
Anonymous about 778-667-0101
11 December 2021
Texting me and I don't know who it is
Laura Clark about 217-732-3571
11 December 2021
Can you please call me back about carpet cleaning? I left a message yesterday; My Mom Mary Jane lives in Lincoln and has used you before. She recently had a stroke, and she is back home and desperately needs her traffic areas cleaned. She has pet soil, dog poop and pee. Thank you for all you can do. She lives at 717 South State Street.
Stolps about 970-203-1370
10 December 2021
Do you have available Air Freshner -Grandma's Spice Pan. msbear62@Gmail.com
Anonymous about 866-985-8092
10 December 2021
Anonymous about 601-219-2511
9 December 2021
My Smart Samsung phone wouldn't let me answer.
Anonymous about 347-892-8811
9 December 2021
Keep calling us. Don't say anything.
Anonymous about 713-890-0284
9 December 2021
Calls but doesn't leave vm.
Anonymous about 217-733-2532
8 December 2021
asking for me saying they are pfizer wanting my personal info
Anonymous about 315-951-9613
8 December 2021
Called, asked for me by first name, hung up when I said "speaking" They probably wanted me to say "yes". Likely a scam.
alc about 267-715-2887
7 December 2021
0943 12.7.2021: One or Two rings from Willow Grove PA, VoIP, hang up. SpyDialed back: Auto Warranty Services. Not enough rings for YM to catch.
Anonymous about 317-554-5194
7 December 2021
No messages left,keep missing calls
Anonymous about 541-998-4474
7 December 2021
Hung up rather than leaving a message.
Anonymous about 734-850-3668
7 December 2021
This person hacked my yahoo and my target account trying to purchase items. He or she changed my yahoo info to have it sent to this number and another email. Police contacted and filed report. Person found. Will be arrested.
Christie about 866-839-1702
7 December 2021
1st: Computer locks up, female voice keeps repeating a message .. 403 ERROR .. Call Windows Defender Security @866.839.1702 .. Man said we can use tools to stop your infected computer for a $400.00 fee/never said co name!.. REAL: 403 error: Locked Internet
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Anonymous about 804-337-3007
6 December 2021
Unsolicited text from unknown person.
Anonymous about 423-790-1572
6 December 2021
Called and said that legal action was being taken against me.
Anonymous about 812-773-0178
6 December 2021
Received a call marked scam likely
Anonymous about 775-273-7893
5 December 2021
I keep getting text from this number that i never signed up for and don't want it says "haha helloo my number, noooooooooow.plumbing"
Anonymous about 231-683-7449
5 December 2021
caller said they was a police officer & proceeded to tell me my Grandson was in jail because he was involved with another individual (that was in the hospital) and both had guns. Told me the location was Peck St. and if I wanted more info to call the County Bldg. This caller had info about our family that anyone else wouldn't have. I take this very seriously. They need to be responsible for their actions
Anonymous about 832-860-0342
4 December 2021
Jerk sending dirty messages
alc about 707-247-6426
3 December 2021
Dec 3, 2021 2:50 PM, declined VoIP "Potential Spam", Piercy CA, no msg left. SpyDialed: answered and immediately hung up on. Using a different phone number blocked/unblocked: The number you have dialed is unallocated, disconnected.
Anonymous about 210-209-8146
3 December 2021
Said they represent Amazon offering 2 year and lifetime platform to prevent hacking.
Anonymous about 267-861-3345
3 December 2021
caller identified as Amazon and claimed there was suspicious activity on my account. Scam?
alc about 520-495-2007
3 December 2021
12.2.2021 2039 missed "Potential Spam" Voip call, no msg left, two rings and hung up. Called back to DYNATA saying if I had a missed call it was a for a survey...... and I should expect more calls and gave a phone number to call back if I had any questions.
Anonymous about 407-371-9919
2 December 2021
Threatening text messages
Anonymous about 860-382-2980
1 December 2021
Harassing text messages about where my spouse was on a certain day. Texts from a landline phone.
alc about 254-592-6756
1 December 2021
Nov 30, 2021 5:20 PM; phone says missed call though a message was left saying that my current account (that I don't have) qualified for 50% off and to call back on 1-862-240-0241. SpyDialed 254-592-6756: Call blocker makes you give your name and reason to be connected to the party. A man said he wasn't available and the mailbox was full. Number 862-240-0241 is a VoIP Newark NJ, called the number, recording said the office was closed, gave hours, please leave a message then hangs up.
alc about 888-725-4233
30 November 2021
Nov 30, 2021 2:44 PM; left voice mail about saying they would handle my companies incoming/outgoing calls. Called the number back as blocked: The number you have dialed has changed and for $3 dollars you can have the new number by pressing #1.
Elmer Fudd about 209-701-4708
30 November 2021
11/30 called early in the morning, no msg left. Called back unable to get a response.
Arco Llorens about 682-214-0939
29 November 2021
Likely a scammer.
Claimed to be in Polo Alto, CA.

Number came up in Texas.
Anonymous about 423-334-5721
29 November 2021
4233345721 call every night at 5. I do not have nor have had service with them.STOP
Anonymous about 806-928-5302
28 November 2021
Person is asking for money
Elmer Fudd about 209-701-4054
27 November 2021
Nov 27, 2021 9:15 AM declined call, no msg left from VoIP Ecalon CA. Called back using a different number blocked/unblocked with no response.
Elmer Fudd about 602-353-3448
25 November 2021
Nov 24, 2021 5:19 PM dismissed call, no voicemail left. Called back: Your call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance, you have entered an invalid #, asks to put the 4 digit code or the party you are calling or 0 then your call is transferred, AZPHO repair is not available. I searched AZPHO Repair with no results.
Elmer Fudd about 520-351-0361
24 November 2021
Nov 24, 2021 3:53 PM dismissed "Potential Spam" VoIP call, no voicemail left. Returned call two different phones simultaneously with no answer.
Elmer Fudd about 520-248-4783
24 November 2021
Nov 23, 2021 4:32 PM Call blocked by Verizon due to like number, called back to voicemail in a raspy voice Jen or Jan Fisher. So, don't know if I was spoofed again or the call was a wrong number or she was spoofed. A few years ago I was getting calls left and right from like numbers.
Anonymous about 541-480-3569
24 November 2021
some random number is texting me
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