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Anonymous about 269-215-4365
1 August 2018
Rude guy; refused to identify; tried to engage in establishing some kind of friendly relationship
Anonymous about 213-254-3782
31 July 2018
calls all the time and is never anyone on line only elevator music- annoying
Anonymous about 724-864-8620
30 July 2018
Unsolicited sales call about potential house projects. Any company that ignores the do not call list and solicits through cold calling is disreputable.
Anonymous about 602-236-8888
30 July 2018
This is a scam do not think is SRP don't give them any information. This is a SCAM.
Anonymous about 701-347-1674
24 July 2018
Charged to my debit card fraudulently.
Anonymous about 866-958-3535
24 July 2018
States there is a severe problem with Microsoft on your computer.
Anonymous about 903-256-8612
23 July 2018
The caller pitched he was working with the government securing grants, with all of the bullpen activity from a unpublished cellphone & no patience for bs I hung up.
Anonymous about 315-232-8378
23 July 2018
Left a robocall/voicemail that was difficult to understand. Threatened legal action. When I called the number back they simply answered "IRS" or hung up. Scam!
Anonymous about 315-849-4084
23 July 2018
purported tax collection agency threatening prosecution......beware of this scam and block the number
Anonymous about 419-473-4250
22 July 2018
Claim to be Apple support and request info
Anonymous about 800-711-7401
22 July 2018
Claiming to be Verizon wireless and your service is interrupted
Anonymous about 951-878-6463
22 July 2018
Asking for money cards
Anonymous about 336-615-0935
22 July 2018
MLM mass text message
Anonymous about 870-395-0273
21 July 2018
They start calling around 7:00 am in the morning and keep call every 5 minutes until 8:00 am. Who are they?????
Anonymous about 309-546-2587
20 July 2018
Continues to call but does not leave a message.
Anonymous about 541-586-1959
20 July 2018
Called us twice. No message left. Since we are getting 10-12 calls daily on all our lines, from various numbers, we don't answer unknown calls anymore.
Anonymous about 501-701-9060
20 July 2018
This person called my number twice. When I returned call, they answered. I told them, "I missed your call." They asked who, "Who are tou!?" I had no reason to lie, I gave my first name. They hung up immediately. When I called toback to say how rude to call me twice and hangup even if their call was in error; their voicemail had not been setup. I am certain I have heard their voice before.
Zoe about 540-229-4626
20 July 2018
Calls repeatedly and leaves no message.
Anonymous about 516-303-8246
20 July 2018
Robocall by the local police stating "there are 4 serious allegations pressed on your name, want to discuss legal action against you"
Anonymous about 650-488-1610
20 July 2018
This number is sending texts advising they are a FedEx employee, and stating i have won a 'facebook lottery'. They are asking for funds so they can 'drop off the check at our address'. I would say this is a scam.
Anonymous about 516-303-8238
19 July 2018
Threatening me... claiming I owe back taxes... on cell and landline
Anonymous about 360-203-1829
19 July 2018
Threatening arrest if not contacted within 24 hours.
Anonymous about 210-228-8637
19 July 2018
there was a 'hello" by a male voice, then a hang up by the (?)caller. Suspect a beginner is sales or similar .
Anonymous about 210-600-6149
18 July 2018
Posing as a Social Security agent in a scam call.
Sanjay Sinha about 209-782-8431
18 July 2018
This person is a cheat. He send me a fake cheque for an item I was selling on carigslist. He send a higher value cheque and then asked for balance refund. I made the refund . After couple of days the bank informed me that the cheuqe

bounced. Since then this person is not reachable nor replying to texts.

He changed number from 2097828431 to 8329962295
Anonymous about 626-759-6433
18 July 2018
when I answer say hello. I hear woman talk and then hang up
Amanda about 806-790-6776
18 July 2018
This number will call and hang up after I answer it.
Chris cook about 501-416-1219
18 July 2018
Well the unknown person(s) behind the number sent a txt simply staying my name and then sent an un accessible voice message so I've no idea what...or who this is...and it bothers me a tad bit
Anonymous about 442-600-7024
18 July 2018
Says can remove bad items off of credit report wants lots of money to do this
Anonymous about 920-764-6168
18 July 2018
Cell carrier identified this caller as a scammer using a auto dialer.
Anonymous about 704-204-3936
17 July 2018
The phone number listed called my number and started screaming and telling me to stop calling( i did not call any anyone) at this point he was being vulgar and threatend to kill me if i kept calling.I told him sir you must have the wrong number and I hung up. He then called back screaming the same stuff and I hung up again.
Anonymous about 803-374-4331
17 July 2018
Caller is claiming to be a police officer.
Anonymous about 860-659-0490
17 July 2018
I am guessing this is a telemarketer as I found the number on my aunt's phone, dated 6/29/19 1:03pm. I called and was advised that the number is "no longer in service". Not a big deal as my aunt has dementia and no access to money or knowledge of anything really. Surprized that it still shows up as a number as the caller ID did show Glastonbury, CT but as mentioned when dialed on 7/17/18 is apparently a # that is no longer in service.
Jack about 218-208-6264
17 July 2018
Voice mail claims it's urgent for you to call back because they've been trying to reach you for an important reason.
Anonymous about 940-432-1765
17 July 2018
In the phone call someone seemed to be prompted in the background and then the individual on the phone said "what" in a very loud voice and then hung up shortly afterwards.
Anonymous about 301-835-4747
17 July 2018
Tells you that they will arrest you if you do not pay money. This is total scam if they are going to arrest you they will do so and take your money via the bank
Anonymous about 415-370-8673
17 July 2018
Hacked my email and changed my passwords
Anonymous about 870-455-9241
17 July 2018
This is used as a NonViop number. It has been used to send slanderous texts to people. The number is an old landline that is disconnected.
Anonymous about 610-268-7773
16 July 2018
sending malicious text messages
Anonymous about 850-934-1766
16 July 2018
Unsolicited call regarding medic alert pendant. # not in service SCAM
4th such call from Florida, different locations.
TIN about 864-939-8089
16 July 2018
Claims to be Treasury Department with "Final notice of law suit." Call federal agent immediately at 864-939-8089.
Anonymous about 575-537-1023
16 July 2018
A voice recording (robocall) claimed the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me. And to call the number back to avoid such lawsuit. Of course, I did not call this number back. The IRS does not contact taxpayers by deceptive manners.
Anonymous about 215-634-9426
16 July 2018
Claiming to be PECO electric company. Called on July 3 and said that if my bill have been payed on time for the last six months. I could get a 15% rate drop. I contacted PECO this is not their phone number. They said that it would be turned over to their investigation team. I'm afraid that someone is going to fall for this.
Anonymous about 785-200-8970
16 July 2018
recurring calls from unknown party - last 4 digits vary. also:
Anonymous about 801-557-3866
16 July 2018
leaves empty voicemail in hopes you call back.
Anonymous about 319-529-5974
16 July 2018
Theykeep calling won't say nothing just sits on the phone and doesn't answer when I call back
Anonymous about 208-484-6573
16 July 2018
Did not answer. Left blank voicemail.
Anonymous about 407-982-9474
15 July 2018
Person keeps messaging me and I'm just trying to figure out who it is.
Anonymous about 402-799-1972
15 July 2018
Horrible text msgs sent from this nu
Anonymous about 410-705-9926
14 July 2018
This number calls me every day, sometimes multiple times. When I pick-up and answer they hang up - without saying anything.
Quite a nuisance!
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