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Anonymous about 859-568-6009
17 November 2018
get calls from this number everyday, have no idea who it is
Anonymous about 386-227-5038
15 November 2018
This is a scam caller just trying to scam money from people, should be in jail.
Johnathan about 403-478-3456
14 November 2018
This number is a Landscaping company
Anonymous about 480-510-7570
13 November 2018
They tried calling me twice and then sent a text saying they were “on the way” I told them they had the ring number. They said what they do when they get scammed which is block the number. They also said that they would be happy to add me to their contacts if they knew me and what was my name. they got my first name out of me, whick I told them it was fake after they’d said that “You are safe with me” truly creepy. Must have been the actual scammer.
Anonymous about 317-539-3092
12 November 2018
when answered call they hung up.
rich johnson about 910-685-0530
12 November 2018
this guy beat me for $250 need to find an address on him
Anonymous about 888-277-8772
11 November 2018
Got a voice mail from this number. Could not understand what the person was saying as it keep cutting out. Something about making an appointment. Did not call back.
Anonymous about 440-226-8678
9 November 2018
Called to try and collect medical bills due
Anonymous about 940-215-1627
8 November 2018
request money for electric jacket
Anonymous about 361-236-4309
7 November 2018
States she is co-ordinator for SS disability....never filed for such benefits...beware
Anonymous about 602-431-5000
3 November 2018
I have had several missed calls from this number. Today I waited 31 minutes 23 seconds while listening to an automated message "thank you for your patience; someone will be with shortly". All of a sudden, I get a message stating the switchboard is closed. I was in total disbelief. What happened?
Anonymous about 605-983-6020
25 October 2018
no idea who this is-they were asking questions about our business and who the manager is and when I asked who they were calling for, the call was discontinued.
Anonymous about 520-271-8939
22 October 2018
I received by someone named Drew from this number
Anonymous about 864-766-4516
20 October 2018
Social Security Fraudulent Activity
Elaine about 859-257-4655
19 October 2018
This person calls me constantly and then hangs up when I answer. I got 45 calls from her today and all I could do was chew her a new asshole. So sick of these calls. She claims she calling from the University of Kentucky and that the calls are "robo-calls". I told her to step off of calling me or my attorney would be in touch.
Anonymous about 310-633-2670
12 October 2018
Prerecorded message stating that they strongly suggest before using your apple devise to press one to speak with a support adviser. On 10/11/18 they have called 5 times already
Anonymous about 304-553-0226
10 October 2018
Says they are raising money for breast cancer
michael sims about 469-442-0003
3 October 2018
keeps calling my cell phone and not leaving a message. when I call back it hangs up on me
Anonymous about 760-392-5962
3 October 2018
tries every few days over a long period of time and never leaves a mssg. no info on caller ID except ph#7603925962
Anonymous about 866-241-6568
28 September 2018
caller claimed ATT service had been terminated, call to reconnect
Anonymous about 203-275-0179
25 September 2018
no talking, i called them back robot says "no one here to answer your call"

don't answer
Anonymous about 630-346-5894
20 September 2018
Said hello, person hung up. Called my cell.
Anonymous about 317-286-2437
20 September 2018
fundraising call. Calling every single day even though they've been made aware that I am uninterested.
Anonymous about 530-403-0824
17 September 2018
Left message directed to "doofus" and being outside the window in the morning. Call was around midnight. Sounded eerie.
Anonymous about 512-591-8342
14 September 2018
This person contacted me on OurTime online dating. He said he was in Alberta, Canada, and needed airfare for he and his 2 kids to be able to get back to the U.S. after a catastrophic event. I told "him" I had been warned about his scam early on.
Anonymous about 614-999-4386
12 September 2018
They called and came with no business card I think just to look the place over for whatever they could steal. Said they'd come back with a quote but didn't. When I called ask when they were coming back, they said they had decided against doing the job. But when I asked for their website, the listing they quoted was non-existent.
Anonymous about 331-208-5710
9 September 2018
left voice mail about "Security alert"
Anonymous about 254-876-0528
7 September 2018
This number called me and cussed me out on my voice mail. Do not know who the girl is that called nor why . But it needs to stop.
Anonymous about 931-295-8807
6 September 2018
Keep threatening my family with claims of harm not for the police
Talita about 985-247-8926
4 September 2018
This caller blows up my cell phone frequently. Never leaves a message, always calls when I am at work. I finally added their number to my contacts as "Spam" then blocked them.
Anonymous about 516-544-0031
3 September 2018
Craigslist stalker/spammer/scammer. Calls on CL ads all over the country according to a host of people on a bunch of other reporting sites.
Anonymous about 715-227-2354
30 August 2018
recorded message saying inmate call, will you accept charges. This is a business -why would a jailbird call me?
Anonymous about 888-335-6963
25 August 2018
Claims to be from Sprint
Anonymous about 830-202-5101
21 August 2018
left message to call this number to cancel or I would be charged $700 for some "Tech Support Service" "to my card"
Anonymous about 864-625-2059
20 August 2018
no idea who this is, don't speak english on vm, blocking on my phone, call all hours of the day and night
Anonymous about 865-229-2138
20 August 2018
This number calls my cell so frequently that I simply pick up the phone and do not say anything. They typically say "This is _____ and I am a professional driver on a recorded line" and then it disconnects. I am SO over hearing from this number.
Anonymous about 716-450-5892
20 August 2018
puppy mill reseller for local amish farmers
Anonymous about 315-285-4388
17 August 2018
claims they are the IRS
Anonymous about 951-256-4407
14 August 2018
Dont respond they wont identify the company they represent they just keep trying to verify your name
Anonymous about 510-815-4788
14 August 2018
This person called me early in the morning and did the umpaloompa sound and laughed very scary.
Anonymous about 402-385-2434
8 August 2018
Claimed to be with irs
Anonymous about 401-473-2782
2 August 2018
This number calls constantly almost every day - sometimes twice a day - for the last month. I have blocked the caller.
Anonymous about 269-215-4365
1 August 2018
Rude guy; refused to identify; tried to engage in establishing some kind of friendly relationship
Anonymous about 213-254-3782
31 July 2018
calls all the time and is never anyone on line only elevator music- annoying
Anonymous about 724-864-8620
30 July 2018
Unsolicited sales call about potential house projects. Any company that ignores the do not call list and solicits through cold calling is disreputable.
Anonymous about 602-236-8888
30 July 2018
This is a scam do not think is SRP don't give them any information. This is a SCAM.
Anonymous about 701-347-1674
24 July 2018
Charged to my debit card fraudulently.
Anonymous about 866-958-3535
24 July 2018
States there is a severe problem with Microsoft on your computer.
Anonymous about 903-256-8612
23 July 2018
The caller pitched he was working with the government securing grants, with all of the bullpen activity from a unpublished cellphone & no patience for bs I hung up.
Anonymous about 315-232-8378
23 July 2018
Left a robocall/voicemail that was difficult to understand. Threatened legal action. When I called the number back they simply answered "IRS" or hung up. Scam!
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