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Marc B. about 602-639-5498
24 April 2020
Grand Canyon University telemarketing
Anonymous about 443-256-4659
24 April 2020
claiming to be Police asking for donations
Anonymous about 701-230-4756
24 April 2020
Received harassing, threatening texts from someone named Sona. Ive never met this individual.
Rochester, NY about 914-246-5144
23 April 2020
Keeps calling - 3 calls in less than 90 minutes - hangs up when he/she gets the answering machine.
Barbara about 254-249-2843
22 April 2020
said he was asking for pledges for firefighters family I
ask him why he was calling from Texas. Said because people won't pick up the phone if they know he wants a donation.
Kat about 614-485-7543
21 April 2020
I get voice messages from these people often. The message is always "... your car's extended warranty. Since we have not gotten a response, we are giving you a final courtesy call before we close out your file".
I have no warranty, and never did. There is no file. And I have blocked them countless times, but either the blocking doesn't work, or they use different numbers each time. They identified at one point as "Automotive Services". There is an Automotive Services in the area, but the number is different, so I don't know if it actually is that company or not.
Anonymous about 315-274-1070
20 April 2020
Just breathing. Called 2 times on cell
Anonymous about 305-501-6633
20 April 2020
Texted me a link to click to provide a review
Anonymous about 678-882-7010
20 April 2020
said they could help me re finance my home
Anonymous about 517-465-3071
20 April 2020
Claimed to be from Citi Bank and wanted me to go to a fake website to verify my account so they could 'release the hold'
Anonymous about 715-248-0427
16 April 2020
Unsolicited Auto Warranty call on a private cell number.
Anonymous about 518-240-4512
16 April 2020
Person did not speak English well enough for me to understand.
Anonymous about 407-871-3931
16 April 2020
I received a text from this number asking if I owned a house at an address.
Anonymous about 888-582-2910
16 April 2020
This # is an automated voice call, stating you owe a certain amount and they sent a letter and several phone calls with no response so they have turned you over to a credit bureau. You can press a number to speak to someone. I got this as a message. When I tried to call the number it was always busy. This is a scam. I never received any letter from anyone stating I owed that amount of money and had no legit phone call/message either. There was no identification of who the automated call was for.
Anonymous about 817-587-3283
15 April 2020
call 3 or 4 times a day, never leave message
Heather Hennen about 405-361-1815
14 April 2020
Hacked my Netflix account and changed the number to my account to his number.
Anonymous about 800-815-5169
14 April 2020
They say they're microsoft, that's what I want to know!!
Anonymous about 801-787-0416
13 April 2020
This person calls and leaves texts of vulgarity, harassment and death threats.
Anonymous about 512-206-4243
13 April 2020
Pretends to be T-Mobile for Chinese people.
Anonymous about 931-766-5151
13 April 2020
Not 'Adams Archery' Is a safe number for Brad Slater Construction company LLC, 28 Dunn Fall River Road, Leoma, TN 38468 in a Large Red Brick Building, across the street from 'Immanuel Baptist Church.'
Anonymous about 208-877-2987
10 April 2020
Constant daily calls at all hours leaving no message for call back
Widow about 316-416-6031
10 April 2020
Scared that it might be a stoker i am a single mother with small kids
Marge Bragg about 360-394-2289
10 April 2020
Steve and Gloria Hargrove
Anonymous about 706-203-3377
9 April 2020
scam caller wanting money
Anonymous about 904-289-2960
9 April 2020
Male caller said he had important information to give me on my car insurance. Did not leave his name nor the name of his company. Called my insurance company and they said it didn't come from their office.
Anonymous about 573-733-3500
7 April 2020
This number will try to get your credit card info, do not trust it
Anonymous about 512-649-4098
7 April 2020
Rebbeca Jones calls and identifies herself as being with Dallas County Courthouse Victim Assist Unit and they have a warrant to speak to us. Does not identify who they are calling for and they do not answer when you call back they want you to leave your name and number.
Anonymous about 805-901-7574
7 April 2020
This number was added onto my credit files.
Anonymous about 210-454-2914
7 April 2020
Text me saying they missed me, Idk this number and they didn’t leave a name. Probably a scam, didn’t respond.
Anonymous about 423-231-8242
6 April 2020
Keep getting weird calls from this number
Anonymous about 702-551-3769
6 April 2020
Called twice and we dont know who this person is and sent a text too.
Anonymous about 864-523-7719
4 April 2020
864-523-7719 and 864-523-7740 Are ROBO CALLS If you do talk with them They say you are on a recorded line and use a company like they are your local electric company or that they have been trying to reach you.. They are Scammers Don't answer them.
Anonymous about 406-272-0226
2 April 2020
This phone transfers to another after a few rings then a foreign lady answers sometimes posing as an employee of JMK-Logistics.
Anonymous about 619-323-5127
2 April 2020
Automated cell caller message asked for me by my first and last name. Said it was important message and if I still lived at this landline number to press '5' on keypad. Went to get glasses to see who was calling. Caller line was dead when I went to respond.Probably a scam or spam caller.
Anonymous about 281-503-7020
2 April 2020
Was talking about a ps4, I gave him money and now he won’t respond
SCAMMER about 810-434-5788
1 April 2020
810-434-5788 is a FAKE caller about car warranties.
Paul about 304-212-6635
31 March 2020
This number calls my phone 3-4-5 times a day and if you answer no response, if you don't answer it shows voice mail, but there is no message. Very annoying
Anonymous about 681-215-8595
31 March 2020
This individual Phil Rose, offers items for sale with a sob story and then after receiving the money, doesn’t send the items. The phone number is listed under Sandra racer
Anonymous about 512-490-9911
31 March 2020
Left a message saying my Social Security number is being suspended for fraudulent use. Call them back at 8323037060.
Anonymous about 937-768-9029
31 March 2020
Crazy lady screaming her head off
Anonymous about 408-458-7628
28 March 2020
Called several times in the middle of the night, didn't answer also received text. It is coming from someone who has onvoy landline services. They need to be put out of business. They are allowing these types of calls to happen.
Anonymous about 303-569-9410
28 March 2020
Person threatened me stating they were going to rape and kill me in front of my daughter. Then do same to her
Susan Lyons about 234-222-4802
27 March 2020
Called said it was a recorded line.
I asked what was it about they hung up.
I am disabled.
I do not need calls like this.
Anonymous about 405-633-3981
27 March 2020
Making violent threats. Need to see if its a buddy playing prank or serious.
Anonymous about 778-316-8446
24 March 2020
Called me, knew my name. Hung up after I asked who this is. Texted me. When I called back and asked who it is, the number went straight to voicemail.
Anonymous about 206-299-1509
24 March 2020
Caller would not identify organization
Anonymous about 203-637-7223
24 March 2020
Asking for account information
Anonymous about 289-686-0372
23 March 2020
Tried to extort money out of me, stating they were with the Bank of canada
Anonymous about 410-734-3172
21 March 2020
Used this number to impersonate one of our company founders via WhatsApp. Tried to get our manager to take all the cash in the safe and go make a payment via Moneygram. They threw out other names within the company to pressure the manager when he questioned the validity of the text. We currently have authorities looking into this.
Anonymous about 503-567-4657
21 March 2020
Called our store and asked for managers phone number. Proceeded to text manager via WhatsApp and impersonated our owner, asking the manager about sales and what cash was on hand. Tried to get the manager to send money via moneygram.
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