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Anonymous about 316-200-4733
26 January 2019
Showed on call I'd as larksfield place
Anonymous about 818-405-3757
25 January 2019
This number called without leaving voicemail
Anonymous about 347-408-1268
25 January 2019
I barely could understand the Latin sounding lady stating she was from the FBI. I have been getting these calls a lot lately. If this was the FBI, I sure they would have been to my home by now.
Anonymous about 920-203-3815
25 January 2019
Who's number is this?
Anonymous about 928-754-0847
25 January 2019
Called and left no voice message. I could not answer because I was driving at the time. My phone read, "Scam Likely" when I peered over at the screen during it's ringing phase.
Anonymous about 864-207-0834
25 January 2019
Anonymous about 208-334-7218
25 January 2019
Called today but did not answer when I picked up. Blocked them on my phone.
Anonymous about 248-562-2430
25 January 2019
about your credit card.......scam
Anonymous about 407-519-9649
25 January 2019
Spam? Called 2 times within 30 seconds left hung up left no messages.
Anonymous about 209-206-8361
25 January 2019
At 3:30 in the morning
Anonymous about 866-519-6696
25 January 2019
Government Tax or cpany?
Anonymous about 513-536-6937
25 January 2019
Call came in at 9:17 PM Eastern time zone. This is ILLEGAL!! Companies shouldn't call past 8pm. My number is also on the DNC LIST!!
Anonymous about 210-551-5549
25 January 2019
Just wanna know who this is
Josephsic about 506-523-6716
24 January 2019

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Anonymous about 203-854-6978
24 January 2019
Person never talked and hung up
Anonymous about 206-795-5881
24 January 2019
Some type of enrollment process
Anonymous about 765-325-8002
24 January 2019
This is supposedly the IRS calling to inform me that they are after me for theft, etc. They give you a callback number.
Anonymous about 816-521-1303
24 January 2019
Trying to find out who called me.
Bea about 905-732-8938
24 January 2019
Sent me a text with an eteans attached
Harold Zettel about 602-346-9175
24 January 2019
I ordered a product called Focus Power online.All they wanted was shipping and handling of $4.95 from my Visa card January 7.I thought that was it. Then on January 21 they billed me $122.53.I did not receive the product. If I had known there would be further charges, I wouldn't have ordered it I have attempted to contact them several times, they put me on hold for 15 or 16 minutes, then a message saying to leave a message which I've done. I include my telephone number but no return call back. The telephone number is 602-346-9175. I have called my bank to cancel my card.
Thank you.
Anonymous about 646-549-5471
24 January 2019
sends unprovoked troll type text messages
klearskyh45 about 254-933-5174
24 January 2019
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Good stuff. With thanks!
Anonymous about 936-483-4225
24 January 2019
It should not be legal for anyone who refuses to identify themselves to contact anyone in any form.
Anonymous about 574-269-5864
23 January 2019
Calls several times a week...never leaves a message. The call comes through as V12317481500085.
Rhys Rigsby about 440-230-8906
23 January 2019
Kept calling me about something about courts? Only, I haven't done anything to warrant anything court related in Ohio. I only just moved here last month.
Anonymous about 951-218-5623
23 January 2019
It is a spoofed number, call you to inform that you are eligible for a special rate for credit card/Customer loan. Press #1 to connect. Could be Telemarketer, however closer to scammer. If you called the number directly it would be a disconnected number.
Anonymous about 610-389-4198
23 January 2019
says i call her number a few times a month, but i never have
Anonymous about 312-617-7177
23 January 2019
Have You seen My Dog
Beverly about 518-578-6479
23 January 2019
This number calls doesn’t leave message
Anonymous about 330-962-0921
23 January 2019
It's a number I have of an old friend I'm trying to find out if he still uses the number
Anonymous about 205-310-8715
23 January 2019
They called 8 times in one hour. Two after I asked them to stop.
Anonymous about 313-427-5623
23 January 2019
Keeps calling me private
Pamela about 931-919-8592
23 January 2019
Lots of hang up calls
Anonymous about 402-210-2421
23 January 2019
constantly calls and does not leave a message
End User about 816-522-2700
23 January 2019
Left a voice mail saying I had to press one to complete the enrollment process. This is a fake to try to steal information from me.
Anonymous about 765-596-9795
22 January 2019
repeated calls but no voicemail
Anonymous about 724-209-7761
22 January 2019
Just trying to figure it out
Colin McKay about 508-841-8500
22 January 2019
54 Shelton road sy3 85p
Anonymous about 623-222-1528
22 January 2019
wrong number which turned into an "upsell", which I quickly declined.
Anonymous about 832-551-3766
22 January 2019
Said process server and gave date I would be served.
Anonymous about 504-613-6193
22 January 2019
This is MRS Collection they will called over 3 times a day even after 8 pm and they don’t care so block all of their numbers
Anonymous about 608-512-6841
22 January 2019
Robot caller said my payment history is great and I qualify for 0% interest on ALL my credit cards. I hung up. I suspect is a scammed phone # as reverse lookups give old names and addresses.
Anonymous about 803-592-1312
22 January 2019
Caller called after a couple of minutes they hung up without saying anything
Anonymous about 239-580-6411
22 January 2019
I tried to call number back but it is just a recording to leave a message
Anonymous about 508-864-7583
22 January 2019
irs scammer phising for info
Marie about 740-272-1702
22 January 2019
my charge card has been hacked.
Anonymous about 816-287-2718
22 January 2019
Sending texts to my phone. Don’t know who it is.
Anonymous about 202-772-0309
22 January 2019
I received a call from this number, did not answer since I did not recognize the number. No message left. I called back twice from my call received history, but got a "Call cannot be completed as dialed" prompt both times.

Another reverse phone lookup claimed it was from a law firm, but the law firm's page showed the number is not associated with neither the firm nor its employees. I suspect this was a scam to make me think I'm being sued, especially since the call came at 8:32 P.M. on MLK's Birthday.
Anonymous about 503-688-9040
22 January 2019
Calls, leaves no message
Anonymous about 914-997-1733
22 January 2019
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