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loveawake.ru about 503-377-2124
30 April 2021
Welcome to the world of adult Dating loveawake.ru
Anonymous about 716-262-0534
29 April 2021
Anonymous about 352-260-5186
28 April 2021
just hung up left no message
Anonymous about 813-396-9940
28 April 2021
This number could be spoofed but is not listed as Florida Health.
Anonymous about 813-396-9940
28 April 2021
This number could be spoofed but is not listed as Florida Health.
Anonymous about 813-386-6941
28 April 2021
Called but did not speak, may have been spoofed.
Anonymous about 813-314-9786
28 April 2021
Called and did not speak. May have been a spoof.
Anonymous about 813-340-2704
28 April 2021
Could of been spoofed. Called me but did not speak.
Carol M. Harley about 651-314-3098
27 April 2021
unknown caller spammer? did not identify himself
Anonymous about 845-514-0441
27 April 2021
I htink they are lying about who they are
Anonymous about 207-721-2569
27 April 2021
Ora Stevens about 601-572-5506
27 April 2021
Interested in knowing that this was really a political call.
Shawnweild about 515-549-3344
26 April 2021
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Anonymous about 503-341-3548
26 April 2021
Text says:
Amazon: Congratulations, you came 3rd in March's Amazon pods raffle! Follow this link to : ae1sv.info/tGOwSHAH2a
And they use my name.
Anonymous about 937-234-7863
24 April 2021
Asking if I had drugs or p***y to sell.
Anthony Sclafani about 206-437-7189
24 April 2021
Potentially belongs to a VINCENT LOPEZ and is a prepaid cell phone.
Anonymous about 334-241-6668
24 April 2021
Calls and try's to find out who you are . Do not answer the questions.
Joy Nelson about 312-632-6844
24 April 2021
Downtown Chicago phone number not in use per AT&T landlines directory.
Anonymous about 210-921-1455
24 April 2021
Potential scammer, wants you to verify your account or account to be suspended
Anonymous about 510-583-6638
23 April 2021
Claimed to be calling from Amazon about my order --- I have never ordered from Amazon. They wanted access to my bank account. Received email supposedly from my bank requiring confirmation -- except it was from my mortgage bank.
Anonymous about 510-600-3479
23 April 2021
A lady name Tiffany left a notice on my porch with this number. She didn’t bother ringing the door bell but the left a notice saying 1st attempt with no identification of company or identity.
Anonymous about 732-802-0986
23 April 2021
indicated they were from Microsoft and had information that my computer downloaded malware. I hung up.
Anonymous about 207-897-3342
23 April 2021
keeps calling but doesn't leave a message on machine. when phone is picked up there is only silence then clicks and hangs up.
Anonymous about 972-521-7979
23 April 2021
Continue phone phone calls about supplemental insurance. Have ask them to stop calling but continues to do so. Finally blocked call. Very annoying and harassing phone calls.
Anonymous about 503-369-4358
23 April 2021
stayed anoynmous and from St.Helens. told me to "eat shit" and "eat my heart out" wont tell me more. I wanna know their name.
Anonymous about 877-230-3179
22 April 2021
Someone called saying they were from the fraud department of my bank and to call this number back. My bank said this is a scam.
Anonymous about 714-905-2520
22 April 2021
this fat ass is a thief. do not trust her at arms length!
Anonymous about 832-470-0319
22 April 2021
Professes to be USPS and provides a link regarding the rescheduling of a package delivery. I think it's a scam.
Anonymous about 732-452-8583
22 April 2021
Edison police. This is second notice. Press #1 to speak to officer
Anonymous about 352-464-9418
22 April 2021
Warranty and coverage spam for car
Anonymous about 432-366-2111
21 April 2021
why are they calling ne?
Anonymous about 678-916-5644
20 April 2021
Scam call they who I don’t know are going to take legal action against me if I don’t call back
Anonymous about 424-600-4904
20 April 2021
missed call left no message...i called back and it is constantly busy and never rings!
Anonymous about 941-729-8531
19 April 2021
I got a call from this number with a voice recording saying my ss# had been compromised and should press 1 for more information.
Anonymous about 316-667-3802
17 April 2021
pretending to be an agent for Publishers Clearing House with a prize of a car and a check but monies must be first agreed to be paid from winning certified check
Anonymous about 662-582-9407
16 April 2021
Social Security Number Phishing Scam
Anonymous about 662-582-3433
16 April 2021
Social Security Number Scam
Anonymous about 210-478-9766
16 April 2021
Will ask for Amazon information
Anonymous about 905-644-9893
16 April 2021
calls every morning...just a recording wanting my credit card info... a scammmer
Anonymous about 573-234-6907
14 April 2021
The man called and asked to speak to my husband. He said he was calling on behalf of the PBGC, which is our Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation. He was rude and refused to give me his company’s name, his name or any further info. When I insisted he provide me this info so I could pass it along to my husband he hung up on me.
Anonymous about 724-529-6016
13 April 2021
Called - left no message
Anonymous about 325-750-6296
12 April 2021
These "people" called when I was napping. Three calls in a row.
This past year, I have received many calls from the "325-705" prefix. These types of callers are criminals, and they must be stopped - immediately !!!
Anonymous about 603-945-1271
12 April 2021
Robocall car warranty
Anonymous about 260-271-4921
12 April 2021
I keep receiving calls from this number. They never leave a message. I do not answer because I do not know who it is. I have tried reverse look up, but no information is given.
Anonymous about 412-960-6378
12 April 2021
solicitation to purchase my home
Anonymous about 925-786-2420
11 April 2021
What’s up cat dog home tent?
Anonymous about 202-669-2635
11 April 2021
Lauren about 662-258-6541
10 April 2021
Trying to find dog owner
Anonymous about 617-945-3439
10 April 2021
Called me and left voicemail
Anonymous about 217-206-7409
9 April 2021
phone number directory for state
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