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Anonymous about 503-647-8647
14 November 2020
Texting threatening comments
Other sources say the number isn't even assigned yet
Anonymous about 623-330-6335
13 November 2020
rgfwerf sdkj hflkdsafn'lasdfnk/sa.,dm asdfv
Anonymous about 423-761-1671
13 November 2020
these calls usually create loss of internet signals or they're attempting to up load a virus to your system. maybe if your phone provider provide free caller id so we can screen them, we can end this mess.
Anonymous about 614-422-8380
13 November 2020
She said she had some info about something I may not know about and to call back, which I didn't. I don't know if it's legit or not but I think not.
Anonymous about 740-277-8583
13 November 2020
Calling saying nasty mean thing and hanging up
Anonymous about 740-270-0187
13 November 2020
Always calling and hanging up
Anonymous about 817-392-4759
13 November 2020
They called my dad & told him that i was in danger of identity fraud.
Anonymous about 704-863-0888
13 November 2020
Said was following up with me zbout a recent appointment. I did not have one. I cannot reach the number. When I call I get a voice recording.
Anonymous about 631-439-5627
13 November 2020
Threatening me to be arrested
Anonymous about 407-358-4965
13 November 2020
I want to know who called
13 November 2020
CELL~Mineville, NY .. Rang, no message left .. NOV 12, 2020 @ 9:34am .. "BLOCKED" .. SCAMMER ASSUMED!
Anonymous about 914-326-3984
12 November 2020
they call 10 times a day
Steve Cline about 956-639-3042
12 November 2020
This person Dropped of Tools to my shop and now isn't returning my phone calls so I can get paid
Anonymous about 802-365-9297
12 November 2020
Said there was fraud attached to my ssn and to press one and talk to police
Anonymous about 817-304-5867
12 November 2020
Good trustworthy company
Anonymous about 910-348-3603
12 November 2020
These people with this number are nothing but scammers to take advantage of people during these covid times - I’ve had lies upon lies - unprofessional service , and swore at me during my account Research . I’ve been promised and promised everything from a refund to an inconvenience voucher - all I get is information that is mislead and lies upon . They never follow through , they just pass you on to the next guy that will deal you . Because when you become insistent and vocal , they give you what you want to hear daily with calls, but never follow through . They are scammers , pathetic pieces of a”””” . I have never been taken so advantage of the this number , it’s now history in my book . By felicias !
Will F. Black about 402-925-9314
11 November 2020
Got it on my cell.
I purposely DON'T have VM on my cell.
I'm assuming it's political because the President refuses to concede and his Sec'y of State is saying publicly that the transition to the White House will be smooth for a 2nd term of Donald J Trump.
Nebraska went for Trump 4 out of 5. I could be wrong. It could be a Medicare solicit or another type of telemarketer. I think it's political.
Anonymous about 989-341-3493
11 November 2020
calls several times daily, never leaves a message.
Anonymous about 609-362-3651
11 November 2020
Wanted to know info about my drivers license
Anonymous about 407-360-4676
11 November 2020
told me he got my number from my mother. lol. what a ...
Anonymous about 281-954-1055
11 November 2020
called me but didnt leave a message
William A a Stephenson about 575-208-7974
11 November 2020
keep calling trying to get money out of senior citzen
Anonymous about 402-608-9044
11 November 2020
They hang up when you answer.
Anonymous about 601-975-7018
10 November 2020
Multiple calls to my mobile phone, always hanging up on voicemail.
Anonymous about 320-364-2912
10 November 2020
they called but didnt leave a message
Anonymous about 888-508-0835
10 November 2020
Fake court case. Requesting payment.
Anonymous about 904-771-9100
10 November 2020
1 (904) 771-9100. An Internet search states the number belongs to Kieth Pierson Toyota. I have no reason for them to call / contact me. With the multiple suspicious texts and calls from other numbers on any given day / time, this call is instantly suspect. I wouldn’t trust any unsolicited call ... think twice before answering.
Anonymous about 213-347-5682
10 November 2020
Dont trust this call it is a scam
Anonymous about 570-396-8401
9 November 2020
Verizon Wireless caller
Anonymous about 936-208-6027
9 November 2020
The call claims to be from a Federal Agency telling you about fraud on your account, and saying there is a warrant out for your arrest. They want you to press a number and wait to talk to an agent. I don't believe it is legit.
Anonymous about 504-881-1827
9 November 2020
Recieved a text asking me to click a link to avoid account suspension of a company that I never registered for.
Anonymous about 469-264-8500
8 November 2020
appears to be a robocall
calls frequently
never leaves a message
Anonymous about 216-369-5781
8 November 2020
Believe it's a scammer regarding a package from FedEx. No package ordered or expected.
Anonymous about 435-592-4639
8 November 2020
Kids prank calling making vulgar noises and comments
Anonymous about 773-615-8653
7 November 2020
Text me asking questions. Never spoke with this person before.
Anonymous about 262-589-8635
7 November 2020
Text message with either an attachment or a message that is 'too large to download', though this website states it's a landline.
Anonymous about 254-232-3397
7 November 2020
Unsolicited mobile call, and left no voicemail message.
Anonymous about 229-222-8868
7 November 2020
Regarding 229-222-8868: Person identified self as Apple Support and could get me a new device over night (b/c I am a loyal apple customer). Just send him refundable shipping fee of $200.USD in gift cards numbers to pay for shipping. Disgraceful.
Anonymous about 209-207-0901
6 November 2020
repeated calls long blank voicemails, call back does not work
Anonymous about 865-383-1919
6 November 2020
The caller from this number left a voicemail, and claimed to be Amazon, and said to call them about an order which we did not place.
Anonymous about 407-477-5445
6 November 2020
Daily calls, sometimes multiple a day.
Anonymous about 818-483-4133
5 November 2020
same voice left on voicemail from 408-689-0833, does not identify self, just repeats, "Are you there?" and further obscenities about rape and Q-anon trash from Russia.
Anonymous about 408-689-0833
5 November 2020
Woman caller, making disgusting noises and obscene language, will not stop, talks about raping a child on the phone.
Anonymous about 773-348-3737
5 November 2020
Called and I didn’t answer. They did not leave a Voicemail
Derek Shull about 307-431-8625
4 November 2020
Person from Fort Washakie Wyoming
Anonymous about 307-269-5396
4 November 2020
Asked them to stop calling yet we receive calls from this and a few other Wyoming numbers in regards to the same subject
Anonymous about 520-437-1160
4 November 2020
This number was saved in my phone as Kevin and I'm trying to get to the bottom of it, because the current owner is a woman that I've never talked to or heard of - and now my wife thinks I'm cheating on her because I've broken her trust with porn and lies throughout a majority of our relationship. I want to find out who owns it without having to pay for a browser hijacking service.
Anonymous about 570-999-1786
4 November 2020
Text Message CRB: my $900.00 ready
Anonymous about 386-313-0431
4 November 2020
Tired of these calls
Rafy about 772-918-9047
4 November 2020
The calls come from (772) 918-9047, immediately get a
voicemail showing a (310) 595-5684. This is part of
the message, Hi, this is Carrie Adams, Agent 1920
regarding Loan Forgivenees Program, asking to call the
Dedicated Elegibility Line (202) 960-4784. Internet
shows them as a Scam
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