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Anonymous about 860-565-2447
18 March 2021
This is the beginning of the message. “Your account has a zero balance...”
Anonymous about 678-496-7428
18 March 2021
repeated robo calls many times
Anonymous about 320-212-6253
17 March 2021
This number came in on my cell phone twice. I declined answering; then I got a text saying: "F--- Off." I don't know this person; irritated that this person is a jerk.
Christa f about 205-498-7947
17 March 2021
VM received 3/15/2021 at 10:32 a.m. It sounds like the begining of the message was cut off. The message was left using a male pre-recorded message. Here is a transcript of the call from google (transcribes VM messages):

Or 980-700-9047. Kindly call us back so that we can discuss your case and take necessary action on this matter. If we don't hear from you, then we will be forced to take legal action against you kindly we would like to confirm some information with you before taking legal action. Thank you.
Anonymous about 980-700-9047
17 March 2021
Transcript of message:
Or 980-700-9047. Kindly call us back so that we can discuss your case and take necessary action on this matter. If we don't hear from you, then we will be forced to take legal action against you kindly we would like to confirm some information with you before taking legal action. Thank you.
Anonymous about 612-240-5955
15 March 2021
Scam call. Social security police will arrest. Scam beware!
Anonymous about 765-256-0868
14 March 2021
Number tried hacking my bank account online
Anonymous about 209-536-2441
13 March 2021
Anonymous about 321-577-8172
12 March 2021
A person using this number scammed me on craigslist.
Anonymous about 714-400-5745
11 March 2021
I believe it’s a spam. I’ve never had UPS tell me their name tell me a package was tried to be delivered.(I never leave home.) I’ve never been told to contact them immediately and include a link to the website.
Anonymous about 763-634-8665
11 March 2021
Think I’m being catfished on Instagram...trying to research and see if I am...
Anonymous about 218-349-8533
11 March 2021
Texted me claiming to know personal details about me, said we went to the same high school. I asked him the name of the school and he claimed he didn't remember. RED FLAG. Blocked!
Anonymous about 714-933-3524
10 March 2021
Called and stayed on until my phone prompted to voicemail. Left a weird one that could be wind or someone whispering gibberish. No info on the number that I can find. Weird and creepy.
Anonymous about 732-318-3852
9 March 2021
Just keeps hanging up every time I say hello
Anonymous about 520-244-9152
9 March 2021
Harassing calls and texts. I do not know them
Anonymous about 402-850-8610
6 March 2021
I can’t understand anything they say. I’ve told them they have the wrong number but they keep calling me. They’ve called me 10 times so far.
Anonymous about 410-886-6595
5 March 2021
I don't know who this is and they threatened me with legal action but that was it. Sounded suspicious to me.
Anonymous about 253-509-1731
4 March 2021
Number called me, you could hear rattling sounds in the background but no one said anything. after about 20 seconds of this they disconnected! I know this is a Scammer or Fraudster since my numbers are on the Federal and State of Colorado NO CALL LISTS and I don't do any business or even know anyone in Gig Harbor, Washington, or anywhere in the state of Washington!
Anonymous about 704-565-8313
4 March 2021
Keep getting calls from this number wanting personal information
Anonymous about 405-818-4086
4 March 2021
Someone called at nearly 2am waking the house; No speaking, simply movement and noise. Rude. Same number has phoned several times in the past couple months.
Anonymous about 503-795-7331
3 March 2021
they call and say that a warrant has been issued for my arrest and that i must push 1 to not have an officer come out and arrest me, then they want me to send money to rectify the issue but they cant describe just what the charge was just that a warrant was issued and i must send them money to clear it, just nonsense.
Anonymous about 409-994-6024
3 March 2021
they managed to remotely control my elderly fathers computer and get ALL of his financial information. I wish I could find these people!!!
Kathy about 315-232-8257
27 February 2021
Have received 15 calls today all looking like they were coming from local numbers. All of them said they were Apple support and to call this number. I did not call it as I know it is not Apple support.
Anonymous about 850-846-3127
27 February 2021
Pretending to be Geek Squad Auto Renewal for $499
Mary Martin about 904-552-4670
27 February 2021
The call from 904-552-4670 & left a message about wanting to talk with me regarding prices and options for supplemental policies for Medicare in Calif. The call was from FL, so I told Do Not Call, that I'm satisfied with the Insurance I have.
Anonymous about 618-271-7456
25 February 2021
Recorded message stated I had to reply by hitting the "1" button on my phone to avoid a $499.99 charge. The caller is unknown to be and I strongly believe the caller is a scammer.
Anonymous about 408-752-1839
25 February 2021
texting youtube video links to get you to view the video
Anonymous about 915-615-5044
25 February 2021
Says I will be issued a warrant for my arrest if I don't respond.
Anonymous about 916-600-9258
25 February 2021
A woman spoke in an accent I had difficulty understanding and asked me several times how I was, but since I hadn’t understood what she’d said, I asked could she tell me the purpose of her call... she hung up.
Anonymous about 352-797-7088
24 February 2021
Says they’re from the Social Security
Anonymous about 920-333-0289
24 February 2021
Marriot telemarketing call
barry about 416-251-6022
24 February 2021
asking for visa card number
Anonymous about 216-313-7357
24 February 2021
SS Administration Fraud
Anonymous about 559-412-5633
24 February 2021
Wanted my DOB so I hung up
Anonymous about 925-526-4406
24 February 2021
Unclear information..Language was difficult to understand...law office?
Jason about 479-230-6512
23 February 2021
Robo call immediately starts with "we have made several attempts to reach you regarding your vehicle's warranty. your vehicle's warranty is about to expire..." All of this is bogus, because my vehicle is 17 years old and hasn't had a warranty for at least 12 years. They are just randomly calling numbers and trying to scam us.
Anonymous about 845-734-1268
23 February 2021
Claims someone has made a $399 purchase. Wants you to call back same number that dialed. Redirects to Hindi scammer.
Anonymous about 316-536-9425
23 February 2021
This person claimed to be a sheriff and scammed me out of 3500.00
Laura about 410-902-8781
23 February 2021
I received several calls from this number saying they are form social security, that I am in trouble with the law. Then they connected me with someone with a heavy accent, who says is an IRS agent, he told me my tax returns are wrong and many non sense things. The point is that they offer to work the problem with some of their lawyers for only a fraction of the many they tell you owe. Put them in jail!!!!
Anonymous about 214-488-2573
22 February 2021
Social Security scam!
Anonymous about 603-732-2910
22 February 2021
We get calls from this number nearly every day. The caller ID says "area 157" and that's all. No idea who it is or why they are calling. Assume it's a scam.
Anonymous about 417-289-6614
21 February 2021
Someone looking to share lottery winnings.
Anonymous about 518-240-3630
21 February 2021
Unsolicited Text from questionable house buyer offering to buy house
Anonymous about 931-646-4636
20 February 2021
Called multiple times stating I needed to push any button for a message.
Anonymous about 928-458-1228
20 February 2021
Address 5700 E Market
Prescott Valley, AZ

Cell provider is Verizon Wireless
Anonymous about 870-510-3799
20 February 2021
Weird text message indicating legal settlement
Anonymous about 404-800-3677
19 February 2021
Person calls saying if you don't respond they will send legal action to the address associated with your phone number.
Anonymous about 423-215-0952
18 February 2021
Wanted Info About my medicare. I told him Nonya.
Anonymous about 425-286-8277
18 February 2021
Third party relaying you to a suspicious firm that says you have a civil judgement out on you
Anonymous about 503-701-0896
18 February 2021
Called with an automated Hello at 7:10am.
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