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13 January 2021
GOOGLE: Treasure Valley Business Group SCAM .. Read on... Need I say more?
Anonymous about 205-857-9002
13 January 2021
Unsolicited health insurance offer
Anonymous about 408-317-9432
13 January 2021
Text message about an undeliverable package
Anonymous about 941-227-4964
12 January 2021
When I call back it is NOT a working number.
Anonymous about 260-452-0823
12 January 2021
I got multiple calls from this number and they hang up when I answer
Anonymous about 203-205-7674
12 January 2021
This person called me and when I said hello, they did not respond but hung up.
Anonymous about 256-803-9553
11 January 2021
call states it is concerning a case and will contact my employer if not resolved
Anonymous about 573-575-8241
11 January 2021
stole 5,000 and wanted me to send money or he will hurt me
Anonymous about 774-925-7798
11 January 2021
said i stole 20,000 dollars
Anonymous about 480-249-3489
9 January 2021
keeps texting me -and calling and hanging up. never identifies self.
Anonymous about 213-529-6110
8 January 2021
Caller claimed to be a co-worker, but was not that individual. The telephone number has a Los Angeles, California Area Code.
Anonymous about 360-469-0306
8 January 2021
received text with email link but don't know name of sender
Anonymous about 514-627-6742
8 January 2021
this number is stating they are part of Gov't of Canada and threatening lawsuit if Social number is not give
Anonymous about 316-776-4374
7 January 2021
I heard what sounded like a computer saying "hello hello hello" before I hung up.
Anonymous about 888-270-1235
7 January 2021
Calling threatening lawsuit demanding money. calling relatives looking for information
Anonymous about 434-729-9231
7 January 2021
Repeated calls to my mobile phone and no one speaks after I say "hello."
Anonymous about 805-637-7243
6 January 2021
Showed up on my cell screen pretending to be the tel. # for voicemail. I knew it was wrong, did not click on it to pick up my voicemail. A near thing, too, I almost did click, good thing I knew it wasn't correct - wow what a scam, they can harvest numbers by the boatload... ~~~~>:[
Anonymous about 205-952-4603
6 January 2021
Left message claiming to be an officer for my daughter but called her “Mr” and someone using “his” identity and he needed to have his lawyer call back or a warrant would be issued asap.
Anonymous about 256-712-4639
6 January 2021
This person calls my phone number repeatedly and when I pickup says nothing and hangs up. I want this person to stop harassing me. Thanks in advance.
Anonymous about 818-472-3268
5 January 2021
Caller stole my identity
Anonymous about 828-351-3693
5 January 2021
Trying to say shit about wife and I.
Anonymous about 800-762-2035
5 January 2021
This number keeps wanting me to call if I did not request a passcode to PNC Bank. I didnt and I am not calling the number
Anonymous about 501-984-7061
5 January 2021
Sent Text To Me:
"Your Credit Score Just Dropped" and a link was attached.
Anonymous about 201-626-8960
4 January 2021
Will steal your accounts
Anonymous about 802-585-1232
3 January 2021
This person is pretending to be my friend on social media !!!
Anonymous about 517-200-2009
2 January 2021
Calls my number two and three times a day and no one speaks when I answer.
Anonymous about 715-451-3971
1 January 2021
Called at 3 a.m.. sounded drunk or something. Looking for Stephanie something. Said she better pay for the stuff or else and hung up.
Brianna about 715-751-9446
1 January 2021
Sent me a screen shot picture of someone's penis asking if it was my husband. The man's last name in the picture is the same as my maiden name. They wouldn't tell me who they were. Asked if I knew who his wife is and if I had a number. Bizarre!
Anonymous about 785-502-8329
31 December 2020
This person was very rude when I asked to be removed from the calling list.
Anonymous about 509-435-7390
31 December 2020
Claimed they called on behalf of my father.
Anonymous about 979-661-1140
31 December 2020
Called this number about an apartment in Brenham TX. He said he travels a lot and wanted ID and license plates to view the apartment and then he would give me a code. Sounded REALLY FISHY
Anonymous about 972-945-7797
30 December 2020
Possible scammer, possible RE investor. Think they troll tax records for undervalued properties. Unsolicited SMS message to my private cell number. Unwilling to give last name. If you're legit, you give your name.
Anonymous about 575-224-0017
30 December 2020
Made obscene racist comments. Clearly a moron with nothing better to do than harass small business owners.
Anonymous about 240-367-0286
29 December 2020
Calls and hangs up. Does not a voicemail.
Anonymous about 254-274-0013
29 December 2020
Offering to sell real estate. Showed "unknown" number then left a voicemail and sent a text also offering to sell real estate from 254-274-0013.
Anonymous about 952-697-9097
29 December 2020
Prank texting about needing to get STD tests
Anonymous about 575-224-0017
29 December 2020
Racist and vulgar comments then hung up. Coward
Tired of Spammers about 574-305-9272
29 December 2020
Multiple spam calls from "573-305" numbers. I always reject them and then block them. I have slipped and forgot to block them. They then will try the same number again (sometimes). It's about some medical insurance they are trying to sell.
Anonymous about 662-255-3743
28 December 2020
Prank caller saying obscene things to my 14 year old
Anonymous about 734-504-6383
24 December 2020
I keep getting calls and nobody speaks
Anonymous about 314-925-7763
24 December 2020
got a suspicious text from this number.
Anonymous about 702-762-5606
23 December 2020
Keep getting messages that I call this woman but I never have called this number.
Anonymous about 314-880-7703
23 December 2020
Express scripts calling members to check about scripts or solicit getting home delivery
Anonymous about 904-533-8793
23 December 2020
auto warranty ROBO spam call
This is one of many numbers they call from. They don’t normally leave message. They call from various area codes. Maybe spoofed number block?
Anonymous about 617-788-8747
23 December 2020
I am worried this person is trying to find out if people are home or away. Their name on my phone id came up as "Comm of MASS of" just after we filled out the travel form for Covid with the state of MA. When I answered he said " Hi Grandma".
Anonymous about 270-576-2504
23 December 2020
Pranks calls. Wakes kids up need info please
Anonymous about 443-467-1154
22 December 2020
this person is calling and texting me death threats
Anonymous about 787-653-1075
22 December 2020
Claimed to be from AT&T making a survey regarding their services in oder to help improve them. They would ask three questions. I said sorry, I do not do surveys, thank, you, and hung up.
Anonymous about 970-332-2123
21 December 2020
This phone number was provided by ReliaCard as being used to file a fraudulent unemployment claim in Colorado using my wife's name.
Anonymous about 408-694-2112
20 December 2020
Helping a friend find out who is bothering her by calling in the middle of the night and making weird noise when everyone is sleeping
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