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Anonymous about 818-954-7999
17 May 2021
Please delete my info per CCPA Law
Anonymous about 509-499-6916
17 May 2021
Nobody talk after they called, stay quiete for few seconds then hang up.
Anonymous about 630-312-0654
16 May 2021
tried to text me, don't know who it is
Anonymous about 305-878-5304
15 May 2021
I have 2 calls and no body answer
Anonymous about 720-523-5221
15 May 2021
Would like to know who the number is registered too
IceBaby about 828-474-7864
14 May 2021
Hey there it icebaby from seeking ,can u add my snapchat ice_baby1390
Anonymous about 724-520-6750
14 May 2021
Message states that I’ve made a large purchase and that I need to contact a toll free number included if I did NOT.
No purchase. Just another scammer.
Anonymous about 214-272-2272
14 May 2021
Phone number may be spoofed. Caller claims to offer rate reduction plans for Medicare recipients.
Mike Clark about 801-845-4285
14 May 2021
Someone calling for my brother. Foreign sounding. Gave 888 number and case number for him to call back. Wrong address for my brother. Googled 888 number and it had a few reports for being a legal scam.
Anonymous about 717-755-2886
14 May 2021
This is a suspected Scammer for fraudulent purposes. Apparently, someone has spoofed Gerrini Insurance company's phone number.
Anonymous about 772-480-4698
13 May 2021
This cell phone is from vero beach Florida and is sending out text messages stating that they made a large purchase on Amazon and if I did not make it to call a toll free number. If that were the case, why wouldn’t they have you call the number it originated from. Reported them cc companies.
Anonymous about 747-201-7496
13 May 2021
Told I have a suspension of my Social Security due to suspicious and fraudulent use
Anonymous about 662-255-3743
13 May 2021
This number needs to be blocked for obscene calls...prank caller with nasty words
Anonymous about 616-374-6384
12 May 2021
Some guy answered, said this is Max.
I dont know who MAx is or why he keeps calling me.
Anonymous about 918-424-8852
12 May 2021
Will not answer if you call them back
Anonymous about 240-376-7707
12 May 2021
Constantly calls, do not pick up. Scammer/robo call!
Anonymous about 419-694-3645
12 May 2021
They continue to call me Mobil constantly without leaving a message who they are or what they want.
Maddas L. about 512-859-1694
11 May 2021
Yet another unsolicited, unidentified SCAM or FRAUD caller from a small Texas town, (183 such calls since tracking). I have never been to Granger, know nobody there, and have not done business there. This is a violation of the National Do Not Call Registry.
Anonymous about 904-428-5102
10 May 2021
calls twice a day and call with same number except last digit
Anonymous about 870-930-5603
10 May 2021
870-930-5603 disconnected
Anonymous about 888-351-1846
10 May 2021
said they were from AMAZON Fraud alert. I called Amazon and they do NOT make phone calls.
Anonymous about 301-383-4832
10 May 2021
Who is calling me from this number
Anonymous about 917-737-3261
9 May 2021
Will attempt to defraud, blackmail and extort money from innocent people
Chris Chambers about 423-264-1148
8 May 2021
Consistent calls labeled spam on my phone.
I am getting 2-3 calls per hour and it is annoying.
Anonymous about 740-883-5655
7 May 2021
Calls and hangs up. No voice message left.
Anonymous about 773-780-0632
7 May 2021
Is texting me like they know me.
Anonymous about 323-603-3967
7 May 2021
Threatening legal action
Anonymous about 856-545-1629
6 May 2021
pretended to be Amazon
Anonymous about 989-798-4099
6 May 2021
Scammers claim they are from
Social Security
Anonymous about 717-368-9303
5 May 2021
They'll try to get your SS#
Quinn about 270-236-7176
5 May 2021
Keeps calling my house. Never leaves a message
Anonymous about 704-245-2302
5 May 2021
A recording trying to say there's a legal issue with my name.
Anonymous about 416-846-5183
5 May 2021
Fuck you paul, running a scam
Angel C. about 518-851-8275
4 May 2021
He was not listening to the message on the answering machine. He said "hello can you hear me? This is Steve. Are you there?" There were other voices both male and female in the background like a chat room where they called any one or any body.
Anonymous about 323-503-2148
4 May 2021
Keeps calling and annoying me. Calls day and night over and over
Anonymous about 231-325-8671
3 May 2021
Been told numerous times not to call.
Anonymous about 978-225-5289
3 May 2021
call back the number is not in service.
Anonymous about 917-699-5057
3 May 2021
not sure why they called, no message
David about 323-723-3227
3 May 2021
Golden Eagle is a scam, they call to book freight and then double broker it. Totally Fraudulent.
Anonymous about 540-998-2119
3 May 2021
Repeated text messages that “they (no name provided) are going to lock my device if I don’t “clear spam messages.” I don’t spam but I get a lot of spam! Then they provide a link to scan ux06n.com/iVjAwcipT6. I am not going to follow that as I’m worried about malware.
Anonymous about 205-246-2417
3 May 2021
Calls every day. Number unavailable. Appears to be a spoofed/hijacked number
Anonymous about 203-440-6842
3 May 2021
Anonymous about 416-833-9942
3 May 2021
Anonymous about 562-298-9354
2 May 2021
Who is this harrasser
Anonymous about 630-509-1933
1 May 2021
scammer Auto Warranty hustle
Anonymous about 719-244-0302
30 April 2021
Did not leave a message. One of several calls I've gotten in the last few hours from the 719 area code, all different numbers.
Anonymous about 719-250-7558
30 April 2021
Did not leave a message. One of several calls I've gotten in the last few hours from the 719 area code, all different numbers.
Anonymous about 719-274-0772
30 April 2021
Did not leave a message
Anonymous about 702-447-9628
30 April 2021
called me the n word, in french
Anonymous about 843-396-3644
30 April 2021
Sent text without their name asking if I levied at a specific address
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