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Anonymous about 602-795-3404
24 August 2020
Call claimed my Social Security Number was compromised and would be shut down. Asked that I be transferred to talk with someone about this. Hung up at that point.
Believe this to be a scammer.
Anonymous about 845-302-7250
24 August 2020
asked for multiple names and then hung up when questioned why they were calling
Tristan Anderson about 620-252-6160
23 August 2020
Hi my name is Tristan Anderson I am here to report Child abuse
Anonymous about 717-687-2503
22 August 2020
Recently a good friend of mine has been getting creepy text messages from this caller.
Anonymous about 251-244-6121
21 August 2020
Calls every night between 5pm and 6pm. Unknown ID. Does not leave message.
Anonymous about 281-824-6581
21 August 2020
Telemarketer who will not stop calling even when I scream at them to stop harassing me.
Anonymous about 888-413-0678
21 August 2020
site locked my computer and said they were microsoft, after searching all the reverse phone No. sites, I finally found out they were some where in the midwest.
Anonymous about 754-200-3352
21 August 2020
Nobody responds when I answer the phone
Anonymous about 270-952-7600
21 August 2020
I receive Harrasing phone calls/text all the time from this number and this female Uses this number and acts like it is strictly her ex-husbandS phone to keep stealing from all of his accounts and to take out more credit against him.
Anonymous about 360-777-7265
20 August 2020
called and ask for me by my name then disconnect
Anonymous about 763-549-2440
20 August 2020
They called me, and didn’t say anything. They hung up as soon as I said “hello”.
Anonymous about 408-248-1023
20 August 2020
Called and then hung-up. Wasn't able to return the call because it "could not be completed as dialed"
Anonymous about 318-469-7892
20 August 2020
Need address, person has my car
Anonymous about 608-293-6394
20 August 2020
Keeps calling for someone who previously had this number. I have advised them wrong number and they continue to call
Anonymous about 818-625-8168
20 August 2020
They claimed to be from the census and asked me if I was associated with a particular address.
Anonymous about 732-261-3728
19 August 2020
Caller tries to get your SSN and a payment from you to avoid "arrest". Huge scam that's been perpetuated for years. This is NOT the Social Sec Administration. Don't be stupid. Never give your SSN over the phone.
Anonymous about 541-297-4836
19 August 2020
They hang up when I answer
Anonymous about 205-207-4642
19 August 2020
Keeps calling saying a delivery agent has a document for me to sign.
Anonymous about 321-234-6019
19 August 2020
Hacked my snapchat and changed my password
Anonymous about 240-513-2485
18 August 2020
Left voicemail stating was usps and package was seized from boarder control. If I didn't call back was going to arrest me. I still have saved voicemail
Anonymous about 614-516-0025
18 August 2020
threating call each morning
Anonymous about 520-909-4861
17 August 2020
They said that they were from the federal reserve.
Anonymous about 213-725-5115
17 August 2020
scam social security caller
Anonymous about 206-274-4105
17 August 2020
I have never lived in Seattle, wa. Calling me and telling me I have a court date, and fine.
Anonymous about 860-975-8162
14 August 2020
Keeps sending text to my cellphone
Saying FedEx delivery for I phone
I did not order
Linda about 361-459-0679
14 August 2020
They call telling me I owe money for some computer problem and I don't.
Anonymous about 405-640-6933
14 August 2020
Receiving harassing texts from this number. "I'm spying on you."
Anonymous about 850-240-2017
14 August 2020
Had a call that results in harassment
SAM about 724-399-2061
14 August 2020
Anonymous about 330-680-7275
14 August 2020
Says they are bringing a case against my daughter and gives an 866 to call.
Anonymous about 281-426-0329
13 August 2020
Spam text message for some political solicitation
Anonymous about 315-503-1874
13 August 2020
I received a robocall from the above number. It said someone from my phone ordered a product from Amazon, and it was shipped out today. It instructed to press 1 if I know about this order and 2 if I do not. Without thinking, I pressed 2. Someone was supposed to come online to speak with me. Instead, I heard "goodbye", and the call was ended. Now, I worry that someone was able to find out information about me and my husband through this call.
Anonymous about 405-272-0400
13 August 2020
Threatening text messages
Anonymous about 208-274-0587
13 August 2020
Sent fraudulent check to me for a vehicle purchase. Now wants partial funds for vehicle transport. Will not provide any personal data.
Anonymous about 662-847-1866
12 August 2020
Didn’t say anything
Anonymous about 248-291-1321
12 August 2020
Some one keeps calling from this number and just hangs up.
VERY annoying!
Anonymous about 361-888-1736
12 August 2020
This is a fake person only wants money. Says he is in the Army.
Anonymous about 215-834-2000
12 August 2020
It is a valid number but goes to voice mail without identifying the person. It is a cell phone.
Anonymous about 289-992-6384
12 August 2020
didnt leave name and got the phone number
Anonymous about 216-816-3250
12 August 2020
Sexual harassment and solicitation of sex phone calls weekly at 4am
Anonymous about 937-485-6623
11 August 2020
Credit card scam - charge of $866, no bank or account
Anonymous about 510-255-3761
11 August 2020
Presenting themselves on a recording that they are calling from Social Security. Threatening fraudulant call.
Anonymous about 281-414-0688
11 August 2020
Trying to find out an unknown caller
Anonymous about 212-853-5568
11 August 2020
Regarding my credit account. I blocked them, reported the number.
Anonymous about 330-690-7907
11 August 2020
grubhub delivery driver. they never deliver food. scam.....
Anonymous about 817-833-1453
10 August 2020
Selling Solar panel systems
Anonymous about 412-465-9191
10 August 2020
Said fraud on my social security number.
Anonymous about 914-265-9567
10 August 2020
This is a debt collection agency. They were very nasty and refused to send additional information via USPS.
Anonymous about 713-416-2971
10 August 2020
This number had been calling me everyday. I returned the call and they hang up
Anonymous about 313-455-5954
8 August 2020
This is a company that sells warranties. Calls every day in early afternoon. Blocked the number but called it via Skype to ID the caller. The voice messages prompts you to enter a "1" to remove from call list. I simply hung up.
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