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Anonymous about 813-508-5319
25 June 2021
Keeps calling my cell phone and just changed number with TMobile??
Anonymous about 530-377-9477
25 June 2021
I had just posted something for sale on Facebook then they instantly messaged me asked for my number to verify I was real so I did then they said they were sending me a verification code and said send them the code well here is a Google verification code to access my Google account!!
Anonymous about 740-701-0573
25 June 2021
Why does this person keep calling ?
Anonymous about 205-857-3023
25 June 2021
This person is using a fake website called inscentswaterfalls.com to scam people out of money. This site looks legit until you start reading the reviews and their terms of service. They are scamming people by authorizing payments on credit cards that were not completed by the customer. They are also claiming to be an actual business when the “customer service” number is a non-toll free landline number from a residential area of Thorsby, AL. There is no actual business address located anywhere on their site, just the 205 area code number.
Don james about 208-242-9415
25 June 2021
Hello baby how are you was your night
Anonymous about 918-314-8180
24 June 2021
Who called me I am curious and would really like to know
Anonymous about 512-475-3250
24 June 2021
He got alot of land. County weird
Anonymous about 732-370-1946
24 June 2021
want to know whos number this is.
Anonymous about 800-258-3134
24 June 2021
This phone is posing as a helpline for Popsockets.
Anonymous about 325-340-3548
23 June 2021
Said Social security is filing charges under my number
Anonymous about 765-231-2663
23 June 2021
offers people for pay
Anonymous about 702-218-0255
23 June 2021
someone called from this number and said to hit 1 to talk to a rep or face legal action. I havent even been to las vegas..
Anonymous about 800-624-6493
23 June 2021
Told my electric will be disconnected
Anonymous about 956-799-9863
22 June 2021
Unknown number asking me to press one if I want to talk to an administrator. Legal action will be taken?
M Smith about 517-234-4336
22 June 2021
They keep calling my office number and its a fax tone every time we answer. We tried blocking with no success
Anonymous about 740-224-5382
21 June 2021
Pfishing for property via a text message
Anonymous about 402-933-9118
21 June 2021
called at 8:15 AM something about house repair!! SCAM
Anonymous about 567-243-3749
21 June 2021
Be aware, this number is to scam people, she claim to be a woman, and will try to get u to send her money by an app
Anonymous about 573-284-5535
21 June 2021
Accused me of stealing a car? I have no idea who they are, I called and it went to google.
Donaldvkd about 707-824-2007
19 June 2021
Здравствуйте друзья
Обустройство скважины с адаптером Рассмотрим пошаговый процесс монтажа адаптера
Раскапывают траншею глубиной ниже уровня замерзания (1,5-2 метра) и шириной 0,5 метров для удобства монтажа.
В обсадной трубе сверлят отверстие требуемого диаметра и обрабатывают его края.
Подготавливают адаптер: сначала его очищают от технологической смазки, затем для надежной фиксации обрабатывают герметиком уплотнительные кольца.
В обсадную трубу опускают адаптер , используя Т-образный ключ. Резьбовую часть заводят в подготовленное отверстие. Затем обе части конструкции соединяют между собой.
К погружному насосу подключают питающий и греющий кабель. Верх обсадной трубы обрезают и закрывают крышкой.
Монтируются вспомогательные приборы.
Проверка работоспособности системы и ее герметичности.
Засыпают траншею песком.
Монтаж завершен.
Anonymous about 732-876-7662
18 June 2021
May be legitimate call
Anonymous about 619-784-9631
18 June 2021
She is going to sue me.
Anonymous about 214-870-8494
18 June 2021
Keeps calling me and I have no idea who it is
Anonymous about 702-487-3528
17 June 2021
Goes to my voicemail and then just sits and clicks, makes noises, never speaks. Can hear background noise (seems from a house). Very suspicious.
17 June 2021
6/17/21 .. 10:02am .. 1 ring ~ no message .. SCAMMER ASSUMED!.. 7 or 1 105
17 June 2021
6/17/21 .. 10:02am .. 1 ring ~ no message .. SCAMMER ASSUMED!
jason ames about 337-240-0033
17 June 2021
need to see who this is
Mitzi Reuss about 503-849-4068
17 June 2021
friend request from him
Anonymous about 800-892-1951
16 June 2021
received as an AT&T disconnect notice
16 June 2021
6/16/21..12:33pm .. 1 ring then a hang up! .. SCAMMER ASSUMED!
Anonymous about 678-699-8528
16 June 2021
Fake SSN and criminal activity filings call. Very annoying.
Anonymous about 508-623-8487
16 June 2021
received an email from Raquel Ford directing me to call this number if I in fact had not ordered Defender Antivirus at a cost of $699.99. I did not order this product and am sure this is a scam as I was as this email was addressed to a string of people.
Anonymous about 949-441-0620
16 June 2021
I don't know anyone in San Juan Capistrano, and I am Never going to buy anything from anyone calling me on the phone or sending me ads in the mail. I have a "spam call blocker"
but it doesn't work. I am also on the national do not call list.
Anonymous about 806-359-6044
15 June 2021
want to know who called
Anonymous about 646-724-1758
15 June 2021
Call several times left no message
Anonymous about 860-613-4508
15 June 2021
Robo call at midnight!!
Anonymous about 206-338-1483
14 June 2021
Calls cells phone, no ones answers, just repeated beeping (not fax)
SVRM about 305-763-7522
14 June 2021
3057637522 3057637522
Anonymous about 503-507-5533
14 June 2021
Looking for people with 5035075533
Anonymous about 407-256-6269
13 June 2021
Potential date to see if real person
Anonymous about 903-781-1588
12 June 2021
Calls multiple times a day. I have blocked this number but the calls continue.
Anonymous about 617-875-1614
11 June 2021
keep getting calls ALL day long from numbers that look very similar to my and my address numbers
I answered and no one said anything. this was 7 of 8 calls from 8 different numbers. Ridiculous that this is allowed to happen. thank you.
Anonymous about 318-209-6991
11 June 2021
Knows my name but unknown person
Anonymous about 860-216-7645
10 June 2021
They say they're Social Security. Yeah, right!!!!
Anonymou about 317-381-1313
10 June 2021
I received a text message stating they are from Illinois unemployment and they need to verify information regarding my unemployment check.
I have not filed for unemployment.
Anonymous about 779-475-4331
10 June 2021
Threatened physical violence via text
Anonymous about 717-253-4250
10 June 2021
Anonymous about 678-353-1380
10 June 2021
had several calls with hang-ups
Anonymous about 801-290-7861
10 June 2021
Trying to figure out who called me
Anonymous about 253-292-9736
9 June 2021
I keep get threat recordings than I hang up
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