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Anonymous about 512-689-2838
18 November 2022
would like to find out who owns this number
Anonymous about 734-444-7448
18 November 2022
want to know caller
Anonymous about 270-875-8241
18 November 2022
Sent a YouTube link. No text. These are normally a scam. I don't click on links from random numbers.
Anonymous about 412-734-5095
18 November 2022
Call came in a little after 9:30 this morning. No caller ID, No message left and NO hits for the number on Google -- absolutely none! Didn't recognize the number, other than it being "local" but betting it's spoofed. So, spam....
Anonymous about 800-237-5121
18 November 2022
“Rep” with Xfinity offers 50% off cable bills provided customer pays in advance using gift cards, common scam per the FTC.
Anonymous about 888-805-6204
18 November 2022
They purport to be PayPal and attempt to scam hundreds of dollars from people.
Anonymous about 541-846-0435
18 November 2022
unrecognized will not answer early am call
Anonymous about 412-528-1946
18 November 2022
Guessing it's a scam: no message left (even though the phone went to five rings); caller ID said "Potential Spam"; and the ONLY hit on Google was something which said the owner was in CT -- it's a PA area code! -- and apparently has ALIASES.
Anonymous about 360-720-7227
18 November 2022
So, you say beware of sites that ask for personal info and/or try to charge and then you do both! What a waste of time...
Anonymous about 919-283-3095
18 November 2022
Recieved text from :7577377761 directing me to contact this number for a work from home position. Replied as instructed to this number, recieved these texts:
I am Fredrick smith 65 years old Hr Silva Markham Partners
We have some available positions but you will have to get back to us with some information listed below



It seems suspicious, the initial message received from the other number is listed in a comment under that number if you search for it.It states that this number is a land-line, yet they are texting me. I do believe they are scammers, as an employer will not state age, advise to text a secondary number without prompting,nor will they ask personal questions via text, instead they will direct you to an application site. Additionally, I did not apply nor make initial contact with this company.
Stay safe out there everyone!
Anonymous about 757-737-7761
18 November 2022
Recieved text message stating:

Welcome to SILVA-MARKHAM PARTNERS Looking to see if you are interested in work from home position
It’s $20/HR. Work-From-Home
Training: 1 week.
Payment: Weekly.
Hours : 5 hours a day
Days:5 days a week
Equipment: provided By the company.
Location: Anywhere of your choice(At home)
Benefits Offered: 401K, Medical, Vision, Life.
Send a text message to Mr fredick Smith on (919-283-3095) if you would be interested
Anonymous about 607-247-9349
17 November 2022
Gave number to call back. Called 607-247-9349, woman asked if she could help me. I asked why they called me. They hung up on me.
Anonymous about 630-658-4298
17 November 2022
Called and texted me knowing my name and calling me a looser
Anonymous about 623-866-4604
17 November 2022
Anonymous about 651-444-1838
17 November 2022
Keeps calling and never leaves a message.
Anonymous about 615-379-7853
17 November 2022
My father got a email from a Indian scammer who claims he is the actual geek squad but he wasn’t, he wanted my father to take out 5,000 out of his account and transfer it to the scammer. DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER!!
Anonymous about 888-204-0441
17 November 2022
888-204-0441 scam process server calls called United Processing
Anonymous about 973-995-9729
17 November 2022
texted me with a click through to "see" an item they are sending
Anonymous about 973-319-7654
17 November 2022
Calls but no messages.
Elmer Fudd about 520-505-2154
17 November 2022
11.17.2022 1002 Declined call, no voicemail left. VoIP Tucson AZ. I SpyDialed, used a different number blocked/unblocked: Rings about 6 times then turns busy.
Anonymous about 904-568-4597
17 November 2022
Comcast XInfinity Scam

“Hi there I'm calling you from Comcast Xfinity to let you know that your existing account is qualified for 50% off in order to avail the discount to kindly call us back at XXX-XXX-XXXX from 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific standard time thank you and have a great day…”
Anonymous about 440-387-5908
17 November 2022
Twice today, no message
Anonymous about 248-736-0745
17 November 2022
Trying to identify unknown caller
Kim about 810-623-7261
17 November 2022
Trying to find out if important to call back
Anonymous about 813-761-1411
17 November 2022
Wants personal information and company doesn't exist
Anonymous about 832-937-4743
17 November 2022
first thing, asked for my first and last name , when I asked for their name they hung up !
Anonymous about 206-803-2075
17 November 2022
2am call. No message.
Anonymous about 734-645-5993
17 November 2022
Only wrote text “F… off”
Anonymous about 206-504-3777
17 November 2022
Someone keeps calling me no response after a minute or two hangs up.
Anonymous about 201-390-8293
17 November 2022
Don't know who is texting me
Anonymous about 781-530-8583
17 November 2022
Anonymous about 256-348-6636
17 November 2022
just curious on who this person is
Anonymous about 231-268-0003
17 November 2022
I received a text saying my number was in their phone, and asked me to identify myself.
Anonymous about 620-285-5937
17 November 2022
No response to my hello
Anonymous about 224-531-0742
16 November 2022
please help find out whos number this is
Anonymous about 717-509-3895
16 November 2022
Just want to know who called me
Anonymous about 541-378-3141
16 November 2022
unrecognized will not answer
Anonymous about 703-260-3598
16 November 2022
No response to greeting.
Anonymous about 562-735-5684
16 November 2022
Claimed to confirm a subscription in amount of $539.00. Reported it.
Anonymous about 716-442-1405
16 November 2022
claims a subscription confirmation in amount of $639.00 Reported it.
Elmer Fudd about 520-368-1614
16 November 2022
11.16.2022 1207 Dismissed Potential Spam that did not leaving a voicemail. The call came from a cell phone in Douglas AZ. I called back with a different number: I'm Sorry the person you have called doesn't have a mailbox that has been set up yet. At one point I got a hello, I said hello, he said hello again then hung up.
Anonymous about 276-254-7268
16 November 2022
text, unknown if spam
Anonymous about 757-775-7807
16 November 2022
calls then changes number and call again.
Anonymous about 888-858-1548
16 November 2022
Highland Health likely scammer will not answer
Anonymous about 541-574-8022
16 November 2022
unrecognized will not answer
Anonymous about 888-210-5780
16 November 2022
RoboKiller lists number as scam-caller id
Highland Health
Anonymous about 318-467-8411
16 November 2022
asked if i could go on a date
Anonymous about 917-636-3057
16 November 2022
He claimed to be from Nielsen and wanted to come over and show me the device.
Anonymous about 612-208-3542
16 November 2022
This person tried to scam me
Anonymous about 559-702-5615
16 November 2022
Why would a Woodlake, CA caller be dialing my 512 area code (Texas) number? Trying to do business? Not enough people in California, so you have to call Austin, TX?

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