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Anonymous about 770-324-5802
17 September 2021
This person was accidentally included on a group text and began a racist diatribe.
Anonymous about 832-471-8060
17 September 2021
Sep 17, 2021 9:31 AM Declined "Potential Spam" VoIP call, no msg left. Called back several times blocked/unblocked, SpayDialed, rang busy.
Anonymous about 850-499-5632
16 September 2021
Potential scammer, threatening to take legal action….they identified themselves as “the concern department. It sounds like a recording and ask you to press 1 to direct your call to the concern department.
Anonymous about 301-775-4537
16 September 2021
Leaving threatening messages
Kerrie about 916-383-7387
15 September 2021
I have 4 cats and 3 6month old kittens I'm trying to get fixed I took in the mother cat who was left by its owner. She had a few kittens they grew up now her daughter has had 3 kittens I already had a mother cat that died when she was 2 I believe dogs got her she had a mail cat I gave her other kittens to good people I want to know how I get them spaded and neuted for free to prevent more their costing me a lot of $$ if this isn't to do with the SPCA then I'm sorry to have bothered you
Elmer Fudd about 520-382-3231
15 September 2021
Called me yesterday twice within a minute, two hang without leaving a message. Research shows the number exists however when calling it is a different story, Google voice can't complete the call, blocking my number the number is disconnected. One SpyDialer gets a busy signal the other says invalid number.
Brenda about 912-268-1660
15 September 2021
This person called my cell phone twice and tried to act like he was from an attorney's office and they were trying to serve me papers. I know this isn't true and when I began to question him as to who he worked for, he started foul mouth talking. I told him where to go and hung up. Be on the look out, he's a scammer.
Hari pokhrel about 307-534-4657
15 September 2021
Hello, sir how are you doing? I'm Harry from Fiverr, a computer engineer and a graphics designer, I just saw that you / your business partner requested a logo design in Fiverr.
Fiverr has recommended me for your project.
so, if you are really in need of logo design please let me know through this email.

If you are not interested this time let me know I will release your request.
Thanks and regards
Anonymous about 713-894-8084
15 September 2021
Called but didn't leave a message. Caller ID says SPAM.
Anonymous about 870-663-3864
14 September 2021
Claims to be AT and T
Anonymous about 305-394-8878
14 September 2021
claims to be Amazon verifying a purchase
Anonymous about 850-630-1037
14 September 2021
This person is using my(pld) phone number and using My name according to a paid subscription lookup. By all means they are not who they say they are.
Anonymous about 863-216-6351
13 September 2021
They keep calling for someone to pay for a phone that I bought used from a phone repair shop.
Anonymous about 915-243-6264
13 September 2021
Persistent caller without name.
Anonymous about 815-667-7461
13 September 2021
The caller ID says Grnd Bear Lodge. I did not answer the phone. No Voicemail was left.
Anonymous about 916-501-7343
13 September 2021
Unknown number that keeps texting me but i want to know more about it
Anonymous about 707-736-6665
12 September 2021
Continues to call repeatedly and does not leave a message.
Anonymous about 203-774-5867
11 September 2021
Caller never leaves a message
Anonymous about 828-224-5445
11 September 2021
Would like caller's name
Anonymous about 318-762-7643
11 September 2021
Trying to get a name in this caller
Anonymous about 408-617-5058
10 September 2021
unknown, unsolicited call
Anonymous about 918-693-5167
10 September 2021
found this phone number in a stolen car
Anonymous about 301-927-9883
10 September 2021
Stalker,making threats
Anonymous about 302-346-6883
10 September 2021
Likely spoofed caller ID.
Anonymous about 501-450-7377
9 September 2021
works at Roller funeral home in Conway Ark.
Anonymous about 270-310-3632
9 September 2021
call from this number after order placed online a few days earlier. from different location. Asked about my order and said they saw I had problems with the order. order has shipping number and is due in a few days. When I asked what was the problem they hung up
Anonymous about 802-922-5690
9 September 2021
i want to know who this is
Anonymous about 508-664-6834
9 September 2021
Anonymous about 804-325-8349
8 September 2021
just looking for who owns
Anonymous about 631-508-6770
8 September 2021
got a text from a name i know and a number i dont
Anonymous about 604-409-0908
7 September 2021
Calls but doesn't say anything after you answer and say "hello". Line goes dead after about 10 seconds.

If you answer these unknown numbers, only answer it by saying "hello" only once and do NOT answer any questions with "yes" or "no". It is a scam to bill you on services.
Anonymous about 863-328-3920
7 September 2021
Called and hung up and all the so called "Free" lookup services want to charge you money. What can you do when you don't want to answer a likely scam call?
Anonymous about 727-559-8850
7 September 2021
called and did not ask for anyone, said was wrong number but still did not hang up... then yelled at me. I told caller to hang up if he had the wrong number... finally did hang up
Anonymous about 904-605-1380
7 September 2021
Claims to be ATT/DirectTV
debbie jennings about 317-232-1807
7 September 2021
I hired an attorney mark a small he did nothing and i paid him $8.000 he refuse to return my money to me.
Anonymous about 760-452-7339
7 September 2021
Called and cursed, will not stop calling. And his number changes each time he calls. Police will be called.
Anonymous about 304-922-5482
5 September 2021
This is ridiculous to have ppl harassing you at 1am
Anonymous about 919-389-9815
4 September 2021
calling at bad times too
Anonymous about 920-363-0441
3 September 2021
Keeps calling but does not leave a message. Annoying!
Anonymous about 540-728-1652
2 September 2021
This number called my business repetitively, asking inappropriate questions and tying up our phone lines.
Kristopher Bayer about 407-357-7080
2 September 2021
Phone line goes straight to answering machine.
Anonymous about 813-782-6710
1 September 2021
Caller does not leave a message.
Anonymous about 909-330-1239
1 September 2021
Anonymous about 972-977-5943
31 August 2021
repeated calls from this number
Anonymous about 815-242-5826
31 August 2021
I don't know anything about this number. They just keep calling every 20 minutes for half the day...then stop. They don't leave a message. just hangup. It is annoying and I will not answer this call without more information about who they are.
Anonymous about 866-670-6844
31 August 2021
Student loan services claiming to be working with fed for loan forgiveness. All employees are rude, 2 called me an asshole, 5 total people hung up on me (including both of these) and I was intentionally disconnected 3 more times. When asking for info for clarification I was hung up on. When asking the name of their company I was hung up on. When asking for a supervisor I was hung up on. Finally reached a floor sup, who was one of the 2 that called me an asshole before hanging up on me.
Anonymous about 520-248-4694
30 August 2021
Hi ok well here we are now lol
Bonnie MacGregor about 707-769-4495
30 August 2021
Hi, Hoping for a beer donation for Jazz & Blues By The Bay in Sausalito on Sept. 3. I hae my liquor license and I have filled out your on-line application for a donation.

I would like to speak with the Beer Fairy today, August 30. My phone number is: 415-332-1972.
Anonymous about 973-929-7899
30 August 2021
Unknown repeat caller, possible robocall/scam.
Anonymous about 478-452-1247
30 August 2021
robo call came through, did not answer but has called before
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