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joe doe about 605-349-2468
24 November 2021
telea marketer trying to sell junk
Anonymous about 416-347-7915
24 November 2021
Online dating site ; wonder who this is.
Anonymous about 251-241-0797
23 November 2021
Repeatedly calls and never leaves a VM
alc about 732-544-1428
23 November 2021
Nov 22, 2021 1:19 PM; dismissed call from Eatontown NJ leaving a Vehicle Warranty SPAM msg in Spanish almost identical to or identical to the calls left in English. Caller ID says Daniel O'Shea, senior citizen. Called back to a recording: "Please leave message after the tone" then someone picked up and in a New England accent "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah" then he hung up. Normally when I call back I get a recording to be removed from the list or please wait for a representative.
Anonymous about 888-272-2601
22 November 2021
Recording stating they don't accept incoming calls then gave me option to press 3 to unsubscribe. I pressed 3.
Anonymous about 775-644-2138
22 November 2021
When I called it back, I got a fax noise.
Anonymous about 814-844-1137
21 November 2021
added me on snap by contacts and I only have a nickname in my contacts
Don green about 864-590-4591
20 November 2021
To know what location they are
20 November 2021
4:54pm .. Inspire Me Fit on phone for her name .. She only mentioned Medicaid stuff .. I said I'm not on it .. CLICK SHE WENT!
Anonymous about 207-670-1538
19 November 2021
know one online empty call
Anonymous about 850-396-2848
19 November 2021
Don't keep calling saying nothing
Anonymous about 541-774-7640
18 November 2021
ck to see if a good call
Anonymous about 513-648-0745
17 November 2021
Will not leave a message
Kari shackelford about 440-994-0274
17 November 2021
My number is not spam.
Anonymous about 440-435-8461
17 November 2021
Spam harassment called several times.
samual about 315-580-0660
17 November 2021
a robo call for a car warranty scam
Anonymous about 615-788-6337
17 November 2021
called at 10:45 pm. Phone rang and then caller hung up.
Anonymous about 810-373-9654
17 November 2021
Spam. Do NOt rEspoNd
Elmer Fudd about 520-200-0617
16 November 2021
Received unwanted Text today from Tyler asking to buy my house. I called back but my number was unrecognized and said goodbye.
Anonymous about 774-553-0447
16 November 2021
Friend received text saying he hadn't used his free points amounting to $2883.00 (appx.) yet and it meant his order hadn't gone through. There was a url listed at bottom of text to click on. I ask a few questions of him and I believe this is a scam. This telephone number was listed on top of text message. I told him not to click on url.
Jon Duke about 757-482-4917
16 November 2021
trying to find my old Captain in the US Navy
Anonymous about 412-530-1666
16 November 2021
this number is also affiliated to 863-617-9512. This IS NOT a female in London. wants money on "cards" claims to be on lockdown so cant call or visit or anything. says "love" and "baby" a whole lot
Anonymous about 863-617-9512
16 November 2021
this "person" scammed thousands of dollars from a friend of mine that is on a very limited income! Promised love,marriage,house,(when he could come home) said he was a doctor etc but unfortunately was in another country. Has other numbers affiliated with him, it all goes back to the same person pretending to be other people
Anonymous about 903-312-2303
16 November 2021
Pretty sure it’s scam
Carolyn Bowling about 573-363-5515
16 November 2021
Please remove Kerith Brook Family Counseling in Camdenton MO from your listings. The phone number 573-363-5515 is my personal phone number and I'm tired of getting calls for this nonexistent business. The "business" name was set up by my now ex-husband for questionable reasons. He has not lived at the address associated with my phone number since 2009.
Thank you for your assistance in removing this listing.
Anonymous about 816-425-1164
16 November 2021
I don’t really think this is a landline because I got text messages from it. They refused to tell me who they are but they know my name.
Anonymous about 917-808-0551
15 November 2021
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Anonymous about 800-806-8840
13 November 2021
Keep having this number come up and no information is left on my voicemail. Potential phishing scam.
Anonymous about 636-465-9587
12 November 2021
They are scammers and cat phishing
Anonymous about 404-777-9787
12 November 2021
Autotrader scam will send cashier ck & arrange to have your car picked up
Anonymous about 509-560-7738
12 November 2021
Autotrader scam will send cashier ck & arrange to have your car picked up
Anonymous about 352-683-9827
11 November 2021
None at this time................
Anonymous about 918-861-9171
10 November 2021
7293 Hectorville Rd
Mounds, OK 74047
Anonymous about 512-799-5373
10 November 2021
10902 E 61st St #214
Tulsa, OK 74133
Anonymous about 208-529-9292
10 November 2021
They moved to a new location. I think it's now at 3422 S 15th E, Idaho Falls, ID 83404
Anonymous about 208-264-5143
9 November 2021
Said I needed to call this number back and speak to a federal agent. If they didnt hear from me they would take legal action.

No clue who this is. It was a broken up female voice on the message
Christa fortney about 937-303-9809
9 November 2021
Keeps calling and even when I answer my phone they don't even talk
Anonymous about 251-966-0199
8 November 2021
Landline from Castleberry, AL. Left piece of voicemail, ...press 5 now, or press 9 to be removed from our list."
Anonymous about 443-798-8024
5 November 2021
Could not understand message, garbled
Anonymous about 416-561-1696
5 November 2021
When I answered, there appeared to be no one on the line. When I called back, a pre-recorded message stated that the number was not in service.
Anonymous about 585-207-6402
4 November 2021
Anonymous about 732-333-3536
4 November 2021
Blocked the number but it called today 5 times. Persistent little devil. MUST be a scammer.
Anonymous about 602-682-7089
2 November 2021
Threatens with legal action.
Anonymous about 804-536-2382
1 November 2021
Sends screenshots from Amazon , Older Women Robes? Strange..
Anonymous about 805-883-0433
30 October 2021
Knew my name. Very inappropriate. Would not tell me there name. Disrespectful.
Anonymous about 888-402-0223
30 October 2021
Oct 29, 2021 4:16 PM dismissed call from Toll Free that left no message; called back as blocked: Verizon: The called Party is unavailable. SpyDialed and different number: rang with no answer.
Anonymous about 906-379-2895
28 October 2021
Random repeated phone call
Anonymous about 443-483-1759
28 October 2021
Don't know who called
Anonymous about 907-802-3387
28 October 2021
Scam. Fake mortgage company
Shirley LaClair about 888-758-2243
28 October 2021
This number has called several times do not know who it is.
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