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Anonymous about 303-569-9410
28 March 2020
Person threatened me stating they were going to rape and kill me in front of my daughter. Then do same to her
Susan Lyons about 234-222-4802
27 March 2020
Called said it was a recorded line.
I asked what was it about they hung up.
I am disabled.
I do not need calls like this.
Anonymous about 405-633-3981
27 March 2020
Making violent threats. Need to see if its a buddy playing prank or serious.
Anonymous about 778-316-8446
24 March 2020
Called me, knew my name. Hung up after I asked who this is. Texted me. When I called back and asked who it is, the number went straight to voicemail.
Anonymous about 206-299-1509
24 March 2020
Caller would not identify organization
Anonymous about 203-637-7223
24 March 2020
Asking for account information
Anonymous about 289-686-0372
23 March 2020
Tried to extort money out of me, stating they were with the Bank of canada
Anonymous about 410-734-3172
21 March 2020
Used this number to impersonate one of our company founders via WhatsApp. Tried to get our manager to take all the cash in the safe and go make a payment via Moneygram. They threw out other names within the company to pressure the manager when he questioned the validity of the text. We currently have authorities looking into this.
Anonymous about 503-567-4657
21 March 2020
Called our store and asked for managers phone number. Proceeded to text manager via WhatsApp and impersonated our owner, asking the manager about sales and what cash was on hand. Tried to get the manager to send money via moneygram.
nancy baltinsky about 816-619-3344
21 March 2020
would you install a new door and scheen door for me at frazier estates? i live on the MOST SOUTH WEST side of the comples--SW wind/sun whips my screen door constantly naintenance can't seem to fix ir door opens wrong way--allowing wind to whip it around 816 657 4468
Anonymous about 907-200-4366
20 March 2020
2 calls in 5 minutes from this #907-200-4366 no response...907 is suppose to be AC for Alaska this call came from "cell phone" in Valdez, AK a long way from Alaska...obvious SCAM/PHISHING...
Stefanie about 419-343-8241
18 March 2020
Sent a sexually inappropriate text to me and I believe it's someone I work with.
Anonymous about 512-218-1439
18 March 2020
Calls, yet when I try to phone back, says is no longer in service. I do get loads of scam calls, this time of day, so I imagine it is them. They are in India. THis much I know.
Anonymous about 402-925-4091
18 March 2020
Rcvd text, "Hello?" (no reply). Then another with my home address...?
Anonymous about 850-348-3868
17 March 2020
crappy quality Robocall said it was the Social Security Admin!
Anonymous about 240-249-7412
14 March 2020
sick of getting political texts
Anonymous about 785-258-6313
14 March 2020
They say I'm due for an eye exam gave website the eye doctor. I already have an appt. and it isn't with them.
Anonymous about 478-945-3629
14 March 2020
definite scammer. Called a business in California
Purdy about 410-873-9903
13 March 2020
The call came in with a female voice recording stating they wished to speak with me about my ending auto warranty. She claimed to be calling on behalf of Auto Warranty Services. The call then routed to a male who refused to state his name or nature of service, and immediately hung up.
Anonymous about 360-607-5652
12 March 2020
Recorded message stating social security has been compromised
Anonymous about 712-355-3859
11 March 2020
I've searched many websites and even local phone books for this number. They texted at midnight asking for my landlord's information so they could ask some questions and they even spelled my name out correctly. It's freaky. I just need to know if it's a random person or an actual company trying to get in touch with me. Please please please someone just tell me the name. I don't need all that other stuff just the name
Anonymous about 361-532-9070
11 March 2020
This person put their phone number on someone elses amazon account FRAUD and THEFT
Anonymous about 845-689-1222
10 March 2020
Caller pretended to be in the market for housing initially. It was obvious at the end of the phone call, the person named "Joe" was fraudulent/scammer. Tried to call the number back and did not get an answer.
Anonymous about 508-762-8799
9 March 2020
Won't talk. The person just stays on phone, won't talk.
Anonymous about 830-399-5296
8 March 2020
number has called 3 times , so I called back and caller hung up on me
Anonymous about 218-297-8486
7 March 2020
Called to say my wives social security had been hacked and she would be arrested.
Anonymous about 512-758-4099
7 March 2020
Stalker and harrassed a minor
Anonymous about 217-436-6458
6 March 2020
Didn’t know anything about me and wanted me to disclose my medical conditions & information.
Anonymous about 206-465-1985
5 March 2020
Calls trying to fraud me on Social Security and asking for my number.
John Grater about 866-530-4625
5 March 2020
Suspect this is a scam and not Social Security. Caller ID only gave the phone number; left message to call about fraudulent activity.
Anonymous about 412-612-2709
5 March 2020
they say they're pharmacy network
Anonymous about 904-330-1465
5 March 2020
When I answer the phone they hang up. then they continue to repeat the process.
Anonymous about 800-423-1414
4 March 2020
it's an 800 number that doesn't respond when answered... feels like it's phishing.
Anonymous about 866-678-0619
3 March 2020
they keep calling with threats
Anonymous about 866-443-8021
3 March 2020
Got a call from this number with no information as to from who and for why with auto information for someone else, not me saying this was time sensitive with a document code
Anonymous about 979-300-2668
3 March 2020
trying to get access to pay pal account
Anonymous about 612-845-3531
3 March 2020
Came in as text by email, no subject
Will never answer my phone about 800-956-3987
3 March 2020
Recording says they are PG&E and they’re going to turn off my power in 45 min. I say eph you! I don’t pay utilities. Busted dumbass.
Anonymous about 973-849-1676
2 March 2020
Anonymous about 646-738-9419
29 February 2020
I recieved a text message from this number containing a web link. When I opened the link, ut was a pornographic website
Anonymous about 405-496-8581
29 February 2020
Im being harassed by this caller and would like to know who it is. Think that it may be a fellow classmate of mine.
Anonymous about 720-432-8698
28 February 2020
Creepy notes left on cars.
Anonymous about 253-793-1174
28 February 2020
Calls me several times per day but never leaves any message. I have stopped answering because there is never anyone on the line. The calls keep coming even when I don't answer.
Anonymous about 213-316-8290
27 February 2020
I was told I was being sued but wasn't told by who.
Unpublished about 301-857-4674
27 February 2020
Received numerous phone calls a day from unpublished, none and others without an identification as to who is calling. What can I do to stop these types of calls?
Anonymous about 219-922-5580
26 February 2020
They tried to collect on a medical bill that I KNOW I was making payments on so I called the hospital and they provided me an itemized copy of the bill. Collector said I owe over 900 with fees, but I only owed 78.49 and paid it directly to the hospital. The "collectors" continue to call me every day.
Anonymous about 425-551-1603
25 February 2020
Latest Scam pretending to be a Census caller???
Anonymous about 763-843-1467
25 February 2020
Someone left a hand-written post-it on my front door (single-family home in Minneapolis) saying, "Sorry I missed you, please call" and signed, "Yer. I've never known anyone named "Yer" so I'm guessing they're a sales person. Contractor & house flippers often leave flyers and notes on my door and in my mail, trying to sell a service or buy my house. Not having a clue who "Yer" is, I did not call the number on the note.
Anonymous about 269-287-8851
25 February 2020
I said hello....no answer....finally male said "hello"...I said what do you want. his answer was "don't worry about it"...there followed a few more nasty words and I hung up.
Anonymous about 484-709-8299
25 February 2020
upon call-back, line rings 5 times then hangs up.
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