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SEOSputh about 330-757-8393
22 September 2018

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Anonymous about 801-566-1008
21 September 2018
tanks for asking me to comment
Youdontneed about 503-505-2323
21 September 2018
Harrassing/creepy calls
Jan about 310-448-6034
20 September 2018
The caller did not leave a message after the prompt to leave a message.
Anonymous about 630-346-5894
20 September 2018
Said hello, person hung up. Called my cell.
Anonymous about 317-286-2437
20 September 2018
fundraising call. Calling every single day even though they've been made aware that I am uninterested.
Anonymous about 949-250-9522
19 September 2018
No voicemail, probably political
DWill about 406-213-8335
19 September 2018
Keeps calling -- over and over and over. But I don't think I know anyone in Colstrip.
Anonymous about 912-290-8545
18 September 2018
Called my cell phone but didn't leave a message.
Anonymous about 530-403-0824
17 September 2018
Left message directed to "doofus" and being outside the window in the morning. Call was around midnight. Sounded eerie.
Anonymous about 512-591-8342
14 September 2018
This person contacted me on OurTime online dating. He said he was in Alberta, Canada, and needed airfare for he and his 2 kids to be able to get back to the U.S. after a catastrophic event. I told "him" I had been warned about his scam early on.
Anonymous about 614-999-4386
12 September 2018
They called and came with no business card I think just to look the place over for whatever they could steal. Said they'd come back with a quote but didn't. When I called ask when they were coming back, they said they had decided against doing the job. But when I asked for their website, the listing they quoted was non-existent.
Anonymous about 331-208-5710
9 September 2018
left voice mail about "Security alert"
Anonymous about 254-876-0528
7 September 2018
This number called me and cussed me out on my voice mail. Do not know who the girl is that called nor why . But it needs to stop.
Anonymous about 931-295-8807
6 September 2018
Keep threatening my family with claims of harm not for the police
Talita about 985-247-8926
4 September 2018
This caller blows up my cell phone frequently. Never leaves a message, always calls when I am at work. I finally added their number to my contacts as "Spam" then blocked them.
Anonymous about 516-544-0031
3 September 2018
Craigslist stalker/spammer/scammer. Calls on CL ads all over the country according to a host of people on a bunch of other reporting sites.
Anonymous about 715-227-2354
30 August 2018
recorded message saying inmate call, will you accept charges. This is a business -why would a jailbird call me?
Anonymous about 888-335-6963
25 August 2018
Claims to be from Sprint
Anonymous about 830-202-5101
21 August 2018
left message to call this number to cancel or I would be charged $700 for some "Tech Support Service" "to my card"
Anonymous about 864-625-2059
20 August 2018
no idea who this is, don't speak english on vm, blocking on my phone, call all hours of the day and night
Anonymous about 865-229-2138
20 August 2018
This number calls my cell so frequently that I simply pick up the phone and do not say anything. They typically say "This is _____ and I am a professional driver on a recorded line" and then it disconnects. I am SO over hearing from this number.
Anonymous about 716-450-5892
20 August 2018
puppy mill reseller for local amish farmers
Anonymous about 315-285-4388
17 August 2018
claims they are the IRS
Anonymous about 951-256-4407
14 August 2018
Dont respond they wont identify the company they represent they just keep trying to verify your name
Anonymous about 510-815-4788
14 August 2018
This person called me early in the morning and did the umpaloompa sound and laughed very scary.
Anonymous about 402-385-2434
8 August 2018
Claimed to be with irs
Anonymous about 401-473-2782
2 August 2018
This number calls constantly almost every day - sometimes twice a day - for the last month. I have blocked the caller.
Anonymous about 269-215-4365
1 August 2018
Rude guy; refused to identify; tried to engage in establishing some kind of friendly relationship
Anonymous about 213-254-3782
31 July 2018
calls all the time and is never anyone on line only elevator music- annoying
Anonymous about 724-864-8620
30 July 2018
Unsolicited sales call about potential house projects. Any company that ignores the do not call list and solicits through cold calling is disreputable.
Anonymous about 602-236-8888
30 July 2018
This is a scam do not think is SRP don't give them any information. This is a SCAM.
Anonymous about 701-347-1674
24 July 2018
Charged to my debit card fraudulently.
Anonymous about 866-958-3535
24 July 2018
States there is a severe problem with Microsoft on your computer.
Anonymous about 903-256-8612
23 July 2018
The caller pitched he was working with the government securing grants, with all of the bullpen activity from a unpublished cellphone & no patience for bs I hung up.
Anonymous about 315-232-8378
23 July 2018
Left a robocall/voicemail that was difficult to understand. Threatened legal action. When I called the number back they simply answered "IRS" or hung up. Scam!
Anonymous about 315-849-4084
23 July 2018
purported tax collection agency threatening prosecution......beware of this scam and block the number
Anonymous about 419-473-4250
22 July 2018
Claim to be Apple support and request info
Anonymous about 800-711-7401
22 July 2018
Claiming to be Verizon wireless and your service is interrupted
Anonymous about 951-878-6463
22 July 2018
Asking for money cards
Anonymous about 336-615-0935
22 July 2018
MLM mass text message
Anonymous about 870-395-0273
21 July 2018
They start calling around 7:00 am in the morning and keep call every 5 minutes until 8:00 am. Who are they?????
Anonymous about 309-546-2587
20 July 2018
Continues to call but does not leave a message.
Anonymous about 541-586-1959
20 July 2018
Called us twice. No message left. Since we are getting 10-12 calls daily on all our lines, from various numbers, we don't answer unknown calls anymore.
Anonymous about 501-701-9060
20 July 2018
This person called my number twice. When I returned call, they answered. I told them, "I missed your call." They asked who, "Who are tou!?" I had no reason to lie, I gave my first name. They hung up immediately. When I called toback to say how rude to call me twice and hangup even if their call was in error; their voicemail had not been setup. I am certain I have heard their voice before.
Zoe about 540-229-4626
20 July 2018
Calls repeatedly and leaves no message.
Anonymous about 516-303-8246
20 July 2018
Robocall by the local police stating "there are 4 serious allegations pressed on your name, want to discuss legal action against you"
Anonymous about 650-488-1610
20 July 2018
This number is sending texts advising they are a FedEx employee, and stating i have won a 'facebook lottery'. They are asking for funds so they can 'drop off the check at our address'. I would say this is a scam.
Anonymous about 516-303-8238
19 July 2018
Threatening me... claiming I owe back taxes... on cell and landline
Anonymous about 360-203-1829
19 July 2018
Threatening arrest if not contacted within 24 hours.
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