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Anonymous about 334-231-2110
1 December 2020
sent a text with a link to click on
Anonymous about 805-465-7325
1 December 2020
sent a text message with a link to click on
Anonymous about 808-780-6989
1 December 2020
Keeps calling but never leaves a voicemail.
1 December 2020
9/29/20 Call came in .. No message left .. Deemed scam!
1 December 2020
TODAY @ 2:07pm .. Rang no reply when I answered call! .. told them to answer or I turn you in as a scammer!
Anonymous about 732-285-9313
1 December 2020
Something about a subscription

Anonymous about 860-289-5510
1 December 2020
says unusual activity with Social Security
Anonymous about 503-823-8107
30 November 2020
Received call from 503-823-8107. Clearly electronic and identified as IRS with information about activity "on" my social security number. Scam alert
Anonymous about 509-381-3890
30 November 2020
Claimed to be from the Social Security Administration
Anonymous about 803-209-4735
30 November 2020
received a text pretending to be FedEx and to click a link to confirm my details: verbatim:

"FedEx Notification: Your parcel is on its way with a complimentary item. Confirm your details here gw02r.com/dafy0j8UNI"
Anonymous about 240-480-2267
30 November 2020
Looking for the name of the source of this call. Missed call & unknown number
Anonymous about 508-256-9805
30 November 2020
Receive multiple calls both cell and land-line stating auto warranty is expiring. No company name.
Anonymous about 760-366-8704
30 November 2020
Called about Alexa finding some major problem. Sounded robotic. I hung up.
Anonymous about 702-337-1347
30 November 2020
This number has been robocalling our home for two nights now all night long. Just rings, stops, rings, stops, etc. We now have to unplug phone.
Anonymous about 702-468-7884
29 November 2020
Received this message "Sir/Ma, You can make $600 weekly by carrying advert of DR.PEPPER DRINKS on your Car,vehicle,bike,truck click this link for more Details "aitch tee tee pee ess//is.gd/JKDIwe" from this number.
Anonymous about 720-536-1086
29 November 2020
Found this being used as my number on healthcare. As in someone is using my identity to get healthcare and I found out they are continuing as they used this number and I was asked to verify it as my only phone number with a healthcare company today.
timothy Ray senger about 502-738-5197
28 November 2020
Greeting's Dear Pastor Roger, not sure why i am writing to you, except to ask you to please be kind enough to pray that the LORD will reveal himself to me in way's that i might understand how to move forward in him. i truly need his guidance, wisdom, help, and power to know how to live and think right.
just in case you do not have my ne-mail address, i will leave it here.
just in case you might decide to write back.
GOD forever bless your ministry.
sincerely in CHRIST!
timothy senger
Anonymous about 832-921-7533
27 November 2020
Number used as contact for person selling puppies infected with parvovirus on Craigslist.
Anonymous about 516-635-3599
27 November 2020
are you the paint supplier?
Anonymous about 312-508-3870
27 November 2020
Call this morning and you things about me from 30 years ago
27 November 2020
Per: AT&T/DirecTV@(800)531-5000 to Customer Care dept, rep verified this is their Customer Care direct line .. I verified my last payment paid to my account as proof!
Stepy about 419-303-3775
27 November 2020
Keep getting calls
Anonymous about 860-919-6467
27 November 2020
Would barely respond or answer my questions. The place sounded very busy, very much a low quality call center. Could barely understand what he was calling about
Anonymous about 216-375-7922
27 November 2020
Claim to be Netflix and sent scam url
Anonymous about 208-929-0076
27 November 2020
Anonymous about 888-397-6859
27 November 2020
Help Help Help Help Help Help Help Help
Just about 318-421-4199
26 November 2020
Family Litigation, kidnapping incident and they want my baby back they stole
Anonymous about 210-646-4721
26 November 2020
Impersonating US Military and asking for money to be sent to syria
Anonymous about 317-430-9643
26 November 2020
Curious sdfgh srdtbsdf sdfg
Anonymous about 215-723-9264
26 November 2020
Social security scammer
Anonymous about 508-242-1822
25 November 2020
called 2 times back to back, no message
Anonymous about 508-687-6299
25 November 2020
No message, called 3 times
Anonymous about 720-623-7752
25 November 2020
Claims to be a you tube director and is trying to scam people out of money.
Debra Steverson about 843-576-8477
25 November 2020
Caller stated he was with the IRS my SS# has been suspended. He also said I recently rented a car in Texas. He wanted me to verify the last 4 digits of my social and I would not give it to him, so he hung up on me.
Dan about 704-335-8860
25 November 2020
In Reference to Action Crash Part # ALY02402U95
Could a representative please call me at (856) 383-1450 These Wheels are 20 spoke CHROME not PAINTED SILVER. They have been out of stock for over a month. I'd like to know when i can purchase these 7.5 X (7or6.5) in CHROME for my Chrysler Town And Country.
If a phone call to me is not suitable i can also be reached at dannyplex76@gmail.com
Anonymous about 856-607-2134
25 November 2020
need to figure out if shes real
Anonymous about 479-765-8193
25 November 2020
Caller said they were the Benton County Sheriff's Office and that I had a warrant against me for not showing up for jury duty. I hung up and called the Benton Co Sherriff's Office and they said they would never call to let someone know they had a warrant out - They would send a letter OR send a sheriff out to arrest me.
Anonymous about 479-640-2819
25 November 2020
3 calls in a row; different numbers each time; left no vm
Anonymous about 650-897-1745
25 November 2020
calls several times a day. I don't pick up. all caller id says is California Call. and they leave a computerized message that breaks up on my phone line.
Anonymous about 609-464-9054
24 November 2020
texter not sure if its catfish
Anonymous about 215-566-4784
24 November 2020
Anonymous about 562-860-8732
24 November 2020
They left no message. I called back right away, no answer. I do not answer calls from # I do not know
Anonymous about 559-634-5145
24 November 2020
Constant calls to my cell touting BS car warranty offer.
Anonymous about 724-201-7250
24 November 2020
Called me today, annoying.
Anonymous about 615-239-6721
24 November 2020
May be scammer on real estate
Anonymous about 801-336-5046
24 November 2020
Calls and Calls dont say nothing?
Anonymous about 313-242-8296
24 November 2020
AT&T phone line scam
Anonymous about 830-947-6204
24 November 2020
Asked for date of birth and social security number. Stated they were part of the social security administration and a judgement had been filed against me. When I asked more and said I would not provide my social security information over the phone they hung up.
Anonymous about 509-524-9647
24 November 2020
claimed they were from social security office and wanted me to verify my social security numberand wanted me to give it to them
Anonymous about 570-490-6800
24 November 2020
Identity thief. Responded to an email pretending to be me and leaving this phone number as a contact. Ain’t my dummy.
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