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Anonymous about 910-792-0692
21 September 2019
Yuen Siu, Wilmington, NC
Melinda T about 714-814-7903
20 September 2019
This number along with a couple other ending 4 numbers send multiple scam links almost daily!
Anonymous about 248-494-2601
20 September 2019
Not sure. Just wondering who called me
Anonymous about 910-988-9360
20 September 2019
scammer or fraudster
Anonymous about 910-988-1736
20 September 2019
scammer--Brendan Ohern, Fayetteville, NC
Anonymous about 910-988-7668
20 September 2019
scammer or fraudster--Regina Campos
Anonymous about 910-988-5882
20 September 2019
Kurt Oswald OR Robert Wilson, Laurinburg, NC
WRONG AREA CODE.... about 580-626-4434
20 September 2019
THE PRANK FAKE CALL CAME FROM an 800 number ....

Social Security officer about 580-626-4434
20 September 2019
Call from social security that my assets will freeze problems with it
Press #1 to speak to officer ...
Anonymous about 850-359-5076
20 September 2019
Threatens legal action if you do not call back
Anonymous about 386-200-4769
20 September 2019
Called said he was from FPL and his name was Joe and was on a recorded line. Asked if I could hear him ok and not thinking I said yes. When I said yes he hung up. I tried calling back and the phone was rejected. Landline from Pierson Florida.
Craig about 612-492-1827
20 September 2019
Hangup caller very irritating
Anonymous about 253-948-0826
20 September 2019
Every day, no message
qeloqodoxuj about 605-925-4858
20 September 2019
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Anonymous about 816-718-2755
20 September 2019
I don't know who this person is
Anonymous about 870-350-4333
20 September 2019
Anonymous about 213-784-9566
20 September 2019
I think he is a scamme
Anonymous about 800-355-8987
20 September 2019
Claims to be from social security
Anonymous about 706-204-1734
20 September 2019
This is a scammer or fraudster.
just me about 386-496-4545
19 September 2019
looks like a spoofed number by a credit card scammer/ The number may be good just cloned by a scammer.
Anonymous about 779-205-0133
19 September 2019
this company won't stop calling me. Block them.
Anonymous about 319-576-3099
19 September 2019
I had a missed call from this number. Reached out and called the number back and the person on the other end hung up when I told them I had received a call from this number. Then the other person texted me to ask "Who is this" and then that person became an foul mouth and a jerk. I believe this was a prank call and you should not answer any calls from this number.
opubahoet about 608-935-5355
19 September 2019
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Anonymous about 304-205-1383
19 September 2019
Calling every 4 mins. Lets ring twice and hangs up...
ivulecueq about 402-743-2312
19 September 2019
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iucqini about 334-308-6042
19 September 2019
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Anonymous about 910-324-1651
19 September 2019
Many different individuals have owned this phone # in a short time. I suspect this is a scammer.
Anonymous about 616-575-7575
19 September 2019
Unknown landline number, no message left
Anonymous about 606-541-2325
19 September 2019
This number is prank calling my friend
Anonymous about 866-348-5833
19 September 2019
I keep getting called by this number
Anonymous about 415-223-3721
19 September 2019
called three times from three different numbers, saying they were social security and "need to talk to you" and to call them. Did not call them. Duh.
ixoviye about 231-544-6559
19 September 2019
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Anonymous about 408-837-7579
19 September 2019
need to know unknown caller
Anonymous about 607-759-2555
19 September 2019
Who is it calling me it scary
oxaadotutaq about 231-885-2786
18 September 2019
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Anonymous about 760-596-6622
18 September 2019
Craigslist scammer, said name was Mike Baker. Trying to do a bogus bank check deal for item he had not even seen.
Anonymous about 800-560-9731
18 September 2019
I have no information except the phone number.
Anonymous about 201-605-6525
18 September 2019
We are on the do not call list but they call anyway and will not identify themselves.
Anonymous about 918-746-3149
18 September 2019
They called and hung up. My guess is they were calling the number that just called them, my number (which was spoofed).
Anonymous about 608-745-2222
18 September 2019
Called while I was asleep (third shift worker) and left no message. Must not have been too important.
ajtowaxamehor about 561-235-7623
18 September 2019
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Anonymous about 732-338-8759
18 September 2019
trying to scam a car sale
Anonymous about 845-243-0827
18 September 2019
Put a block on this number and it attempted to call TWENTY (20) times in one day
Anonymous about 727-232-9537
18 September 2019
Claims we subscribed to their service for government funding and our membership is up in October. We have no records of it at all... told her to take us off their list and hung up...she called 3 more times, back to back..
emhiniwet about 812-436-7823
18 September 2019
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Anonymous about 540-383-3683
18 September 2019
Want to know who is calling my phone
Marquisflall about 903-873-3311
18 September 2019

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Laura Snyder about 269-743-7093
18 September 2019
This my niece I need to get in touch with her
Anonymous about 206-424-4495
17 September 2019
I received a text message saying we're running out of patience with you contact our staff Noah at and then it gives a hyperlink. I could not find the owner of this number anywhere. And have no idea but I know it's a scam. The first clue of course was that I got a text with a type of harassment opening line again it said we're running out of patience with you. I don't know who you is and I'm not going to hyperlink to a place I don't know. My phone has been hacked into more than once I know I have a different phone but I do believe that happened because I clicked on a link one time. I had to get a new phone because of that because all of my apps were working improperly or not at all cancel a sending me to different websites while I was trying to read something.
Anonymous about 269-435-1708
17 September 2019
Phishing call using ghosted local numbers to appear as if caller is in area.
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