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Top 4 Ways to Find Someone's Phone Number Online

How many times a day do you get a call from a number you don’t recognize?

If you feel you are drowning in robocalls, you’re not alone. You can’t make them stop altogether, but a few simple steps can go a long way in silencing the noise. And it is not just the robocalls. By discovering who’s calling you, you can prevent scams and save yourself the stress of having to deal with anyone out to get your money or personal information.

The information provided here is to help you reconnect with someone. Maybe you had a number and lost it, or the one you had is no longer in service. Perhaps you got a call from someone you don\\'t recognize and need to sleuth it out. Or you just want to make sure who is on the other side of the line before you pick up.

Give a reverse number search a try

This is the best possible option, especially if you suspect a phone scam. For example, recently Illinois police department has issued a warning on a currently popular phone scam - according to Fox2 - “Phone scams don’t really seem to go away, they just reinvent themselves over time. Thursday, police in Mt. Vernon, Ill report taking calls from residents getting calls indicating a family member was in peril and needed money.

It’s a version of what’s been dubbed the “grandparents scam,” but can often ensnare people of all ages.”

One of the best ways to battle this is to hang up and use the Illinois white pages search to ensure that it is them calling and not a scammer trying to trick you. This is fast, easy and not to mention free, and once you have verified the caller you can proceed to either react and help if it really is a family member or block and report if it turns out to be a scammer.

The Illinois police department also suggest taking some of the following steps - 

  1. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be a family member and asking for money, do not disclose any personal information until you have confirmed who is on the other line. Sometimes, you can confirm the person’s identity by asking a question that the impersonator likely would not know, such as the name of his or her pet or details on your most recent get-together.
  2. In most instances, a scammer will ask that the call be kept a secret, especially from other family members.
  3. Before sending any money, call a family member to find out the relative’s whereabouts and notify the family member of the phone call.

But, most importantly if you suspect that you are dealing with a scammer, or you have already become a victim of one, make sure you report it so that others may be protected. 

Just Google it

Yes, it can be as easy as that. If you want to verify that you are talking to the right person, just insert their name into the search and add the area code or a city, or words like "contact," "number" or "cell." 

You can get the results you need and check if, indeed you are dealing with the right person on the other side of the line. This is also a great way to discover someone’s phone number when you need to locate a person. A reverse phone lookup is definitely a faster and more precise option; however, when starting from scratch, a simple old Google search can do the trick. 

Social media is always an option

If you really need to call someone, you may be stuck asking for their phone number directly. If you know the person on Facebook, you could message them and ask them for their number. Or you can just find their phone number on their page. Just sign into Facebook, head to the person’s profile page, and click About > Contact and Basic Info.

Now, If you can’t find the person online, perhaps you can find someone who knows them and ask. For example, if you desperately needed to get in contact with someone, you might try finding a friend or relative on Facebook and asking that person for their phone number. Just make sure that you state clearly what your reasons are so that you don’t seem like a  stalker. After all, it is social media.

Get creative

If none of the above works, which, in all honesty, might be doubtful, you can try the following - look for their business number and try to contact them that way. If you know where they work, their information might be listed within their company employee info, or you can contact their place of work and try to get to them that way. 

This is a pretty stalky option, but if everything else fails, and you really need to find someones phone number online, this is the way to go. Good luck. 

You are all set

So there you have it, the four fastest ways of finding someone’s number online. This will help protect you from scammers, enable contacting someone faster, and ensure that you can contact the person you need when you need it. 

Make sure you keep up with the latest news in the phone industry and use all the tools at your disposal to prevent robocall exposure, phone scams, and just simply save yourself the stress of interacting with either. After all, we need to stay alert.

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