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Phone #: 713-574-1101

Type: Landline

Address: Houston, TX 77010

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Scam Hater
17 June 2013 , Caller Type: Prison/Jail Collect Call
I answered the phone and heard a garbled voice telling me about someone I know being in prison and if I would accept the collect call. I hung up and they keep calling here. I found out this is a cell phone number, that is disconnected, from Houston, TX! Scam if there is ever was one. If these calls persist, I will notify AT&T!
30 July 2013
This number keeps calling, tried to call it back and it stated the number is no longer in service. BEWARE SCAM FOR SURE?
phone voice,beware!
25 September 2013 , Caller Type: Prison/Jail Collect Call , Caller Name: graphics company
Ok,like the others I received a call from this number...collect?! The only thing is it was from a family member? And the voice sounded just like them? They told me a different city though.I will keep it to myself in case it was my family,but the phone dials the last number called and the phone is just a machine,not a human,unless someone is f_cking with my phone service or line!
I call the number and a guy says"Oh this is a graphics company and people have gotten it mixed up before or dialed wrong,it's the last digits and we have a lot of extentions or variations of this number for our company.We are in Texas." He says it was a smirk in his voice like he is enjoying it all.But my family member didn't sound like he was enjoying it.So wtf happened? And where is my family member?
beware cont,
25 September 2013 , Caller Type: Prison/Jail Collect Call , Caller Name: graphics company
Just to note,I called the telephone company and they not only wer't any help,but they said and I quote"we know all about you"Now,is this the telephone company or another joke? they also said they could not give me info on walk in offices or they didn't know and would not give me their name even.They could not give me a print out of my past long distance calls or give me my discount over the phone that they used to do.For you information.I went to kpfk for assistance or to share my experience and they were very rude and would not let me speak to anyone or give me their phone number.They told me to go to global village.They infact insulted me and told me to" shut up" as I was talking too much and they did not care to listen.I told them they were too conservative to work for such a cutting edge station.Anyway,please beware!
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  • 7135741101
  • 713-574-1101
  • (713) 574 1101
  • (713)574-1101

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