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Anonymous about 541-321-0996
22 May 2015
Extremely rude and after I said they had the wrong phone number they continued to use in unnessecary and vulgar language
Paul walker about 972-770-1002
21 May 2015
Who is this person with this phone number in dallas texas area. I need to know now
Anonymous about 817-962-6596
21 May 2015
I received a Email from someone calming to a Lawyer And I have Received money from some company I never got funds from any internet company before they are said that they was going to put me in jail. the only thing that concerns me is they had my SS# and cell phone number I am forwarding to Sheriff office.
Anonymous about 678-929-4358
21 May 2015
This number calls me constantly, several times a day. Never leave a message. I answered one time and was told it was regarding a contest I had entered. I immediately hung up on them.
Since then, the number has called me every day.
Anonymous about 406-417-1482
21 May 2015
This 'child' and his friends make obscene remarks and think they are funny, only call after 3, so they must still be in school up until then!
Anonymous about 405-835-6233
20 May 2015
Repeated after hours calls
Anonymous about 920-365-7169
20 May 2015
No one responds when you answer
Anonymous about 317-937-2879
20 May 2015
The owner of this number has repeatedly texted and called us, and then says she has the wrong number. She still keeps texting and calling, and we ask her to leave us alone, and she gets hateful and basically tells us to deal with it and that she is not going to stop even though she knows what the other number is. Today I called her back and asked her politely to please stop getting ahold of us since we have established that she does not have the right number. She proceeded to get very belligerent and start cussing me out over the phone. When I started raising my voice and yelling at her, she hung up on me.
Anonymous about 909-666-1697
20 May 2015
Received text from who I assumed was a friend with a new cell number since previous was disconnected
Anonymous about 916-264-9818
19 May 2015
Mysterious call, hung up on answer
Anonymous about 315-288-3127
19 May 2015
Claims to be IRS filing a lawsuit!
Anonymous about 202-706-5642
19 May 2015
Does not leave a message; calls repeatedly.
Anonymousxxx about 740-513-4139
19 May 2015
Just called. Didn't leave message, said hello then hung up. Another web with complaints on caller state caller doesn't leave message. Caller ID shows Adams Terry from Delaware, Ohio (Lewis Center Township Delaware, OH)
Anonymous about 800-333-7883
19 May 2015
Wants to take off viruses from your computer by remote. I'm getting very tired of the phone companies allowing this fraudulent behavior to happen to their customers.....
Anonymousxxx about 817-760-4172
19 May 2015
A loud bleep was heard then a foreigner man said "hallo". Then he held on until my answer machine disconnected the call. Call claims to be coming from Cleburne, TX.
Anonymous about 520-254-0328
19 May 2015
This is the 3rd or 4th time they are calling me at my number, have no clue who they are ,they just ask for some person that I do not know, I told then the name they are asking for dose not live at my number and they say thank you and hang up, but they keep calling anyway. are they crazy or what.
Anonymous about 718-215-9071
19 May 2015
Keeps calling, ringing two or three times and then hanging up.
Anonymous about 817-760-4172
19 May 2015
do not know who these people are...but I will file charges for harassment against them after I do more investigating....they just call here over and over with no message....I WILL CONTACT PROPER AUTHORITIES IN THIS MATTER
Anonymous about 781-346-8445
19 May 2015
i want to know information about this caller
Anonymous about 215-526-4275
18 May 2015
terrorizes people with calls from cell phone and text messages - 215-526-4275 - Lives in Southampton, PA
Anonymous about 614-452-6092
18 May 2015
Had a missed call on cell phone, so I called it back. I reached a Terri who stated she was calling from Reliable Credit. She advised me that the call was being monitored and recorded and that they were looking for a (gave first and last name of the person) she continued by saying who lives at (gave street name and address). I advised her that I was unaware of this person. She hung up.
Anonymous about 705-818-1339
18 May 2015
I would just like to know who called.
Anonymous about 813-774-6475
18 May 2015
Need to stop calling my home/business number i have no idea whom you are -
Anonymous about 360-215-7348
18 May 2015
Offering business loans
Mark Snyder about 909-280-0836
18 May 2015
I continue to receive calls from this number claiming pending legal action taken against me and/or members of my family who no longer live at this address. Call was from Sean Davis with the Dept. of Legal Affairs. Stated either I or my legal representative need to get in contact with him ASAP.
Anonymous about 909-280-0836
18 May 2015
I continue to get phone calls from this number claiming pending legal action taken against me and/or members of my family no longer living at my address.
Anonymous about 256-310-7876
18 May 2015
unknown caller to my phone
Anonymous about 408-484-7515
17 May 2015
This person has hacked many facebook accounts be aware
Anonymous about 877-498-8563
16 May 2015
appeared on brand new cell phone
Anonymous about 609-536-4451
16 May 2015
This person is harassing me via text messages and it is out of the hands of the polce
Anonymous about 850-389-3389
15 May 2015
calls lets, rings about 4 times, hangs up,leaves no message, called after 8:30 pm.
James Perano about 863-226-2714
15 May 2015
This guy is scamming people by pulling homes that are for sale or foreclosed and acts like he is the home owner and tries to get you to send a security payment for rental. He says to send payment to 124 Larry Rd. Lakeland, Fl. 33809.
Anonymous about 866-254-6971
15 May 2015
states she is Investigator Hawkins contacting in regards to legal documentation that is scheduled to be issued out at your home or place of employment stemming from a complaint attached to your full name and social ending in ####. We wanted to notify you and verify information prior to service unfortunately you are not available at this time if you have any questions you or your representing attorney could contact the complainant directly at 866-254-6971,when calling refer to your case number, ##### thank you, you have been officially notified.
Anonymous about 617-529-6054
15 May 2015
sends a text that says you are a lucky customer getting a credit applicable to your next month bill for more details visit . . .. web site.
Anonymous about 480-258-9949
15 May 2015
keeps sending rude and profane texts
Tricia Colburn about 360-215-7375
15 May 2015
This number keeps ringing my cell phone several times, and then hangs up. Does not leave a message, just rings for a while and hangs up. Annoying
Anonymous about 814-240-0661
15 May 2015
They call and never say anything just dead silence.
Anonymous about 205-403-5326
15 May 2015
Got a call from this number yesterday. My daughter did a search on the phone number and found several complaints. The man asked for the Master or Lady of the house. She then gave the phone to me. This guy picked the wrong person to try to scam. He did his talk about that they are trying to help Disabled Veterans get home health care at home without having to pay, then he wanted me to commit to pay $15. I asked for him to send me information and I would decide then. Then he went on about they couldn't send anything without a commitment to pay. I then told him that my father was a veteran and my husband is a veteran, a disabled veteran and told him that I only deal with known veterans groups. He hung up! Better not call me back!!!!
Anonymous about 401-433-7875
14 May 2015
I don't know who these people are they need stop calling me. I have never been to rhode island before.
Anonymous about 919-400-3538
14 May 2015
Got a call from this number. Woman asked to speak to a person I don't even know. Woman asked if I could get message to them or should she proceed with court processing. I tried to call the number back & the message I got was "This number is no longer in service".
C B G about 240-720-2202
14 May 2015
I am on the DO NOT CALL list... if you call me again, I will report you to the FTC
C B G about 415-946-5710
14 May 2015
I am on the DO NOT CALL list... If you call me once more I will report your to the FTC
Anonymous about 571-298-1271
14 May 2015
Caller claiming to be from the IRS. In very heavily accented English: "Hi. This call is from IRS, Internal Revenue Service. This message is for you. As soon as you receive this message I need you or your attorney of records to return the call. The issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. My name is Officer XXX XXXX and hotline to my division is 571-298-1271. I repeat, my number is 571-298-1271. Now, don't try to disregard this message and don't return the call. If you don't return the call and if I don't hear from your attorney either the only thing I can do is I wish you a good luck as the situation badly unfolds on you. So give me a call back as soon as you get this message. Thank you."
Anonymousxxx about 330-842-6954
14 May 2015
I find on another web site: Caller Type:
(No Complaints Filed Yet)
Carrier: Comcast Phone Of Oregon, Llc - Or

Caller Name & Address:
Location: Kent, OH

Recording: "Hello, this is pertaining to your current elec. bill. Due to recent state govt deregulation, you are now eligible to receive a discount on your elec. bill. Press 5 to be transferred to a representative to find out which discount you are eligible for. Press 5 to be transferred to one of our friendly representatives."
Anonymous about 740-421-3151
14 May 2015
calls me everyday several times this number shows up on caller id but they leave another number to call back, I looked up the over number there is several complaints towards that number
fraud do not give them any banking information
Natalie about 602-383-3086
13 May 2015
The caller said I was getting some signatures that showed my computer was sending information of having issues. I have tech support through Best buy with routine maintenance. He then hung up. I am not entirely sure if this was a scam because I was unable to gather further information from the caller in reference to this so called "issue" because he had hung up. Also, the number I have on caller idea is 60238330869...that signifies to me that this is a scam. Too many numbers.
Anonymous about 402-685-2001
13 May 2015
Hung up after one ring. Left no message. Expecting to be called back, I guess. Must be telemarketing scam
Anonymous about 786-329-5497
13 May 2015
I got a call just now, it came up as 911 on my phone and the message said to call the Atty General Office in Flordia at this number within 30 min. or I'll be arrested by the local officers.
Anonymous about 717-739-7986
13 May 2015
This person claims to be in korea in the army. Texting me from this number
Anonymous about 720-262-5970
12 May 2015
Called late at night
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